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What an interesting turn of events.  I am so blessed to have transferred to my new store.  Not only is it a lot closer to our house but it was a major boost in morale. The store had it’s Grand Opening…a beautiful Kroger Market Place.  Right after the grand opening we were challenged with Hurricane Harvey.  Then, because the schools could not open on schedule …we dealt with that chaos.  We only were closed one day, not due to damage of the store but because employees could not get there.  When we opened there were lines out of the rear end!  A very challenging time for our store team but very rewarding.  Customers were so appreciative of our time to make sure they had what they needed.  Our store manager and her team did an amazing job.  I am so proud to call them my teammates!

Finally getting a haircut today.  I was supposed to get one before Harvey.  I look like something kitty Cleopatra brought in from outside.  I am always excited to spend time with my pal Velma.  No lunch planned for today because of so many things to catch up on.  My days off are always filled with stuff that should have been done last week.  Oil and filter change for Jeep, picking up mail at Fulshear post office, going to the bank, and hopefully have enough time to pick up clothes at the cleaners.  I usually do not include Bill on my haircut day, it always puts a damper on the conversation that the girls can discuss, but we are so far behind on errands we decided on not doing two trips into town.

Everything else is good.  We were spared any damage from the storm.  40 inches of rain but no standing water.  Our property drained into the creek down the hill just as it was supposed to.  No doctors appointments, except a dermatology six month check up, until October.  Two big events coming up for the Big Brother Big Sister organization.  Always fun and always rewarding.  And then holidays right around the corner.  I saw on Facebook today that there were only 15 Sundays until Christmas Eve!  We need to find that place where time goes!!!!!

Stay safe.  God bless you all.  Prays out to all that have asked for help from the prayer warriors.  We are on it!  Prayers out to Irene, a co-worker, that lost her 14 year old Jack Russell terrier.  It is so hard to say good bye to our furry family.

Love and Hugs!

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