A New Family

Hi everyone!  It’s been over a month and I apologize.  I was transferred to  a new store, that is much closer to my house, and I am enjoying the very short commute.  I am the wine consultant two days a week and the other three days I am in the nutrition department.  I feel emotionally and physically stronger with this “God send” move.  I want to thank some old friends who worked behind the scene to make this possible for me.  My gratitude is off the charts.

Bill and I have a new family in the hood.  Mom and dad raccoon have three little ones.  They made their grand appearance several days ago.  They are the cutest things.  While feeding the foxes and the raccoons, we noticed that one raccoon would grab food and go back into the woods.  Now we know why.  The foxes had done the same thing when they displayed their little ones as well several months back.  Meanwhile, the squirrels just keep getting fatter.  I think it’s time to build a squirrel workout facility.  The bushy tailed arboreal rodents will be able to workout at the “Hurles Corn and Nuts Gym”.  ( By the way, the word gymnasium comes from the Greek word “gymnos” which translates to naked).  Sounds like fun to me.

Have you ladies gotten to the point where none of your bras fit right?  I really didn’t notice it but now that I have been more active..it’s bothering me.  Straps fall down my arm, bottom of boobs hang out the bottom of the cups, cleavage has all but disappeared and the time of perky is gone!  Actually… going through ‘boob sag” denial.  I keep thinking that soon I’ll find the right equipment for these sixty six year old human udders.  I wonder if the lady critters have this problem?  At least I only have two.

All doctor appointments have gone well.  My CA 125 was outstanding and the physical with “the Bev” was excellent as well.  Bill’s dermatology appointment went without a new find which Bill was delighted with.  It seems lately each time we go he has some little spot somewhere that needs to be removed.  Kaden is doing so well.  He is growing so fast.  Doctor said on his one year check-up that he was in the top 96 percentile of the height chart and weight was perfect.  Walking like a little monkey and into everything.  Your average, healthy, gibber jabbering one year old.

Praying for all of you.  This world is a mess and it seems like people just become more unstable everyday.  Happy Birthday to all my August birthday relatives and friends.  Man…there are a lot of you.  We know what your parents were doing the December before.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs!

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