I’m Back!!!!!

Hi …..took a few months to regain strength and momentum.  So much has gone on in my life.  Many uplifts and a few gutter balls.  I got a promotion at work.  Am now the wine consultant at my store in Montgomery, Texas.  I love it and learning so much.

Bill and I are planning a trip to South Carolina to see daughter Lani.  Can’t wait for that. The wine will be flowing freely!  Only get to see her an average of twice a year…so…CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Grandson Kaden turned two in June.  Great little dude and full of energy like his daddy.  Always enjoy keeping him when I can.  One of our cats…named Thomas….is Kaden’s private security guard.  He protects him and follows him where ever he goes.  Pete and repeat.  What one doesn’t think of the other one does.  There is definitely another little boy in a cat body.  It blows the mind.  And my brain does not need anymore brain matter blown.

My brother came in town and we met up for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Got to see nephew Walker and his fiancee Jasmine.  After a few cocktails we had the place rocking.  Loved line dancing with the wait staff. Thanks to the company I was keeping, the pictures and video were mysteriously placed on Facebook the next day.

Anyway…I will be writing again.  I would like to send out my love to my cousin Cynthia who is walking with God now.  She passed on August 31ST at the age of 69… of Ovarian Cancer.  It really hit home y’all.  Please have your yearly exams done.  Catch anything before it’s too late.

Ride, Baby, Ride!
Love and hugs,


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