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Just Frog It

Back to back doctor appointments.  The “Bev” and Dr. Parker (foot doctor extraordinaire).  I guess when doctors order exam tables for their offices they either say with or without stirrups.  Good thing I didn’t have a third appointment for the … Continue reading

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Puzzling Dreams

Do you ever have dreams about floating in air?  I mean like… flying.  Levitating yourself above the masses like Superman and flying.  I used to have this dream quite often.  I hardly ever have it these days.  OK, you dream analyst, … Continue reading

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All Hands On Deck!

 As we all know, every family should have an emergency evacuation plan in place.  In our case it’s not for fire, flood, storms, or a bomb attack, it’s to get out of the house ASAP in case the realtor wants … Continue reading

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Life In The Fast Lane

Like last week…whatever the speed limit for life is …I’m going way too fast.  It’s not like keeping up with the Jones’.  It’s like trying to keep up with yourself and doing it on one leg.  Selling the property has … Continue reading

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