All Hands On Deck!

 As we all know, every family should have an emergency evacuation plan in place.  In our case it’s not for fire, flood, storms, or a bomb attack, it’s to get out of the house ASAP in case the realtor wants to show it.  Timing is everything with evacuating 3 dogs, making sure dog beds and pillows are put up, candles blown out, horse gate locked, trash disposed and for me….make sure I don’t forget Bill.  Although selling Bill with the house is an option.  Thursday, in the middle of the night, I hear a loud thud!  At the same time the covers go flying off the bed and Starr is growling.  Bill fell out of bed.  He is OK…but has a bruised rib on his left side.  Thud, crash, bang, moaning groaning and blaming me for pushing him around the house on the floor.  Obviously in the middle of a demolishion dream.  So I waited until he was fully awake before I started laughing my ass off.  Before going to bed Thursday night, Bill and Dusty decided it was time to hit the “Crown”.  Drinking it straight on the rocks.  They were solving all the world problems and then some.  I heard everything from their childhood fist fights to how they plan to fix up the new property.  You would deduct from their incredible stories that they should be named “the bad ass twins”!

A bit of good news.  I had a video made about the book “Ride,Baby,Ride!”.  A company “Zoom”, owned by Christina and Michael Meade did the work for us.  It turned out wonderful.  Soon it will be on YouTube and Facebook.  So if you ever need a professional video made…call Christina and Michael.  I will definitely have one done for the new book..”They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!”.  Which by the way is in Tyler’s hands (my editor) as we speak.

I have been doing pretty well since foot surgery.  If I have to go anywhere I have to hitch a ride.  Most of the time I’m stuck with Bill as my chauffeur.  And you know how I feel about him driving me around from past blogs.  There isn’t enough alcohol or drugs to sustain me through a trip anywhere.  I even had women come up to me in the grocery store with their condolences that I had to shop with my husband.  I think it’s kinda an unwritten code among females that we’d rather shop without a man.  I have learned to shop with a short shopping list to make my store time quicker.  I don’t like being on the handicapped cart anyway.   People do not get out of your way and I have a hard time trying to get down an isle with 15 baskets coming at you.  I give Bill the list and tell him to meet me in the wine department.  I feel at home and if us drunks run into each other no one gets mad.  But I do feel there should be a room where you can drop your man off and let him drink beer, play pool or video games, read manly magazines and eat a hot-dog while the woman shops in peace.  Like dropping the kids off in daycare!

Special prayers out to several ladies in my prayer group.  Also a big hug and prayers sent to my friend Betsy, who also happens to be one of my chemo nurses, after her back surgery.  My prayer jar is full and I know the good Lord hears them all.  Should hear something about the new property tomorrow or Wednesday.  Bill and I are praying that all goes well there too.  Fulshear property has had a lot of activity.  Brochures are flying from the box and have witnessed many lookers.  School is out now so hoping to have lots of visitors soon. 

Have a great week….smile at the next person you see.  Very contagious!

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