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Thanks for all the prayers. Just talked with Dr. Bevers… PET-SCAN results were NEGITIVE!  YEA!!!!!!!!!  Now I can enjoy myself for a while and see how much trouble I can get into.  Blessings to you all for all your support.  Ride,Baby,Ride!!!!!Leilani

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The Tube Ride!!!!

I Hate it…I Hate it! But I endured the ride through the ultimate “brown panty” adventure.  The horrid pet-scan!  Better known as nuclear wipe out.  I can thank my wonderful team at St. Luke’s pet imagining for making my morning as … Continue reading

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Great Party

Thank you to all who attended the jewelry fundraiser on Saturday.  Everyone had a great time.  Lots of wine and some hilarious photos taken.  Some pictures are posted on Facebook.  Seems my wig was the hit of the show.  I … Continue reading

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CA 125 Results

Great news everyone.  CA 125 was a 4.  Pelvic and rectal exam were fine too.  As far as being probed goes!  I will have a pet scan within the next 2 weeks to put the icing on the cake and … Continue reading

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Depend On It!

“These are the times that try men’s souls”…Thomas Paine wrote in his 1776 writing of “The American Crisis”. It was inspired by his passion for the American Revolution.  Ole Tom only had to worry and deal with a revolution…I have MAGOO!  These are the … Continue reading

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Life Without Lani

OMG!!!!!  Never know how valuable something is until it’s missing.  As I try to make it a few more days without losing my sanity, I realize how easy it is to actually “go over the deep end”,  “kick the bucket…and … Continue reading

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MD Anderson Photo Shoot

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REHAB which means….Rent out…Exasperating…Husband…After…Bypass!!!!!  Between dealing with Magoo popping in about five times a day to check on Bill and Bill snapping at everyone for no reason, I am prompted to rent them both out…no sell them!!!  Magoo has made it his … Continue reading

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