Life Without Lani

OMG!!!!!  Never know how valuable something is until it’s missing.  As I try to make it a few more days without losing my sanity, I realize how easy it is to actually “go over the deep end”,  “kick the bucket…and miss”, to have your “elevator miss a floor”, your “deck missing a card”,  your “nut is missing a bolt”, or have “a screw loose”!  And I have one main cause for it all.  MAGOO!!!  Bill is manageable…Magoo is so out control.  The man has to hog all the attention.  He goes to every length to drive me and Bill up the wall.  You would think a 98 yr. old man would sleep 98% of the day.  No, I have to inherit the “Energiser Bunny”!  The bunny equipped with a walker and house shoes that never wear out.  The superman of senior citizens makes at least 5 trips a day over here, in the heat, or drizzling rain, to antagonize me.  Bill sleeps through most of it either because he doesn’t hear him (go figure) or his pain pills are doing their job.  I thought about taking a few of those with a glass of wine but decided that I’m crazy enough without all the hoopla.  Lani is due back tomorrow but is thinking about staying a few extra days.  I hope she is having a blast…because her mom…is NOT!  Lani you are missed and I love you. 

You can always tell how much fun you’ve had by looking at your American Express bill.  What I need to buy is a servant.  A “taking out trash” servant.  A “looks like George Strait” servant.  I have lost 4 pounds just doing the Bill thing.  Not to mention breaking nails, opening and closing horse gates.  OK… enough bitching about it.  I am on a mission now.  I work part of the day then relax, get on line and buy stuff!  I’m getting real good at it.  Not like cruising the mall but when you are confined to the casa…make the best of it.  Just got the Am Ex bill in……I’ve had a ball!!!!

Someone once wrote “a true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though they know you  are slightly cracked.”  Well….I know I’m slightly cracked but I also know that I have many friends and I am very grateful.  This passed week I learned of another friend that will lose her fight with ovarian cancer after fighting for only a short while.  I will not mention names but I feel that my need to get my research fund moving along is more urgent than ever.  Fighting for your life has become a daily thing for many people.    Please pass the word about ovarian cancer and our fight to win.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  Fundraiser events will be announced as they near.  Next fundraiser is July 21ST, in Fulshear, from 1-3PM.  More info will be given on address etc.  Or just mail your donation to:

Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
PO BOX 985
Fulshear, TX 77441

Love you all,

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