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Equator Experience!

I have been visiting Quito, Ecuador this past week.  No, not literally but the replica of it in the form of Magoo’s domain.  I walk in the house and drop to my knees of heat stroke.  His dachshund Lilly was … Continue reading

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Magoo On The Loose

Heaven help us!  I swear this is why I love my wine.  Magoo has been a “world traveler”.  And what I mean by that is that the man is freaking superman!  His cape is an ordinary bathrobe that just happens to … Continue reading

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From Colonoscopy To Leg Cramps

The best way to describe a colonoscopy is mid-evil torture treatment that is literally a pain in the ass!  And the prep for a colonoscopy is a cannibals way of cleaning the dinner  before the meal.  I have had several … Continue reading

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Under The Sheets Happenings

Starting out today with great news.  Bill got his stitches removed and test results show that Dr. Ahern got all of the melanoma.  The incision looks fantastic.  Dr. Ahern is a cosmetic genius.  The other spot on his ear is … Continue reading

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Charley Horse

No, not a story about a Native American.  A story about the excruciating leg pain, that seems to occur more often lately, invading my “dreamland” slumber time.  There is no describing this unwanted cramp.  I jumped up at 4AM doing … Continue reading

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Stuff to know

I would like to give a shout out about a few things going on in our area. A Country Girl Can Survive is a benefit for Robin Coultas.  She has an incredible story and shares Dr. Bevers with me. ( Well…you know … Continue reading

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The Explosion Heard Around the World!!

I really don’t where to begin.  I can only say I appreciate all the phone calls and e-mails trying to check on us.  The month of September was a nightmare when it came to our Internet service.  Living in the … Continue reading

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