Magoo On The Loose

Heaven help us!  I swear this is why I love my wine.  Magoo has been a “world traveler”.  And what I mean by that is that the man is freaking superman!  His cape is an ordinary bathrobe that just happens to be about 20 years old. His super hero shoes are house slippers from the 19th century (he doesn’t like new ones…they don’t fit right).  His pj’s tops  never match his bottoms and his sunglasses look like they are aviator goggles.  Put them all together and it is “the astounding Magoo”!  He falls off porches in a single bound.  He thinks he has to check on the vehicle inventory every morning when he gets up.  So nosey…wants to know who has left the house.  He has the timing of a computer event calendar.  He comes out right when someone is getting ready to do something. The man picks the most inopportune times to show up at the back door.  He has now decided that peeing off the porch is better than wasting water flushing the john.  Gee…hope the neighbors think so too.  Thank goodness we have 5 acres and no one would ever know what he is doing.  The only peeping toms around are the girls in the back field and believe me he has absolutely nothing on their bull!  Believe me …I know.  I have long admired that boy!!!!!

I need more feedback from all of you.  Lani and I are in the last stages of our book.  Their are things that I wanted to put in the first one but didn’t know how to fit them in the first time around.  I remember one day after the “big” surgery.  Laying there flat on my back…not being able to move too much and people coming in and out with FOOD!  Not that I cared a thing about it a day after surgery but I heard a nurse say to someone “I wish I had a Snickers right about now”.  My first thought was chocolate.  That kinda woke me up a bit.  Then I thought to myself …self, I almost lost my life.  If I had to be a candy bar in life…what would be my incredients?  I started adding things to my “must be in me” list.  Things of course that I like….for example chocolate, almonds, caramel and more “fun size” than “super size”.. .. you know a candy bar on steroids!   But then I was visited by my minister extraordinaire Dr. Dave Peterson.  He walked in and prayed with me.  The man had just flown in from a trip and stopped by to see me at the hospital.  How unselfish and caring is this?   My thoughts then went from what goes into my personal perfect candy bar to what human traits would I give me, to add to the ingredients.   Unselfish would definiately be one.  Live each day like it’s your last (I really thought it was).   The ability to laugh out loud and enjoy the fun things we miss everyday by just being stupid.  Patience. The power to heal others mentally. Strength to do what needs to be done and the endurance to rise to every challenge that comes my way.  So now I’m a awesome candy bar!  I enjoy life, love, heal, have patience and strength I taste good, no artificial ingredients, melt in your mouth and in your hands…no hard covering on me.  My expiration date is what  I make it, and people come back for more!  So now what is my name?   “Divine Explosion”…  the orgasmic chocolate that keeps on coming!   Would love to hear what type bar you would be.  Get back with me.

My friend Dave Peterson and I had the great pleasure of meeting our publishing coach this morning.  Patrick Snow is a professional keynote speaker, publishing and book marketing coach, small business coach, and best selling author of ” The Affluent Entrepreneur” and “Creating Your Own Destiny”. ($24.95 per copy)   Patrick lives in Washington but had a speaking engagement at the Westin Galleria.  If you are interested in any of Patrick’s talents visit him at   Dave’s book is available through our church bookstore. (Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX)  Ask for Receiving And Giving “Unleashing the Bless Challenge in Your Life”.  ( $19.95 a book). 

I was reading through the Farmers Almanac for 2013.  Always interested in what the weather is going to do.  There were many great articles but one was a page listing all the names of the different phobias.  A phobia is a persistent fear of something or a situation.   An example..Zoophobia is the fear of animals.( Makes sense).  I found one for Dr. Bing…the fear of train travel is Siderodromophobia. (Not a clue where that fits in).  Fear of women is Gynophobia.  (Dr. Bevers and Dr. Cook obviously don’t have that one).  Anyway they go on and on.  So I guess the fear of the “who-who” is Twatsscareomephobia!  Remember fear is only as deep as the mind allows. 

A friend of mine Lynn wrote me an e-mail not to long ago and said” Life moves on, we make decisions that force change in ways we would predict will go well and go with the flow.  The ability to make change is part of what brings peace in the end”.  I really like it and thought I would share it .  No guarantees, crap happens and that’s just life.  Peter Pan said, “reach for the stars…grab the moon… and take off across the sky”.  That’s me baby!!! Ride,Baby,Ride!



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