A Giving Thought

Life has its way of throwing some major surprises your way.  A “lifequake” of major magnitude jolted my world when I was diagnosed with life-threatening stage 3 ovarian cancer in January of 2010.  Now many battles later, I still have many battles left to fight, so I am asking for your support.  No, not for me, but for all who are currently fighting will have to fight, and who have already lost the war with ovarian cancer.  I feel I cannot just sit and do nothing.  Feeling sorry for myself will not get anything accomplished.  Being competitive in nature was distilled in me by my parents.  Of Irish descent, I know the stubbornness lies within, along with my “roll up your sleeves” attitude.

Writing my book Ride,Baby,Ride! was only the beginning.  My family has started the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  With guidance from my amazing oncologist and friend Dr. Michael W. Bevers, I have set my goals to beat ovarian cancer.  Please help me with our fight.  Donations are being accepted at MD Anderson for the research fund.  Envelopes and donation information are being provided by Kristine Shirar in the Development Department.  You may contact Kristine at 713-794-1084 or 800-525-5841.  Information is also posted on my website at www.ridebabyridebook.com.

No one knows where and who this “silent Killer” will strike next.  This is not only a fight for women.  As in breast cancer, men can also carry the gene for ovarian cancer.  Take time to research this disease and be generous by donating.

 All donations go directly to the fund.  You may make a donation in several ways. 

  1. Contact Leilani through this website and a donation envelope will be sent to you. 
  2. Make a check out to MD Anderson and specify the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund on the check. Mail to:
    MD Anderson
    PO Box 4486
    Houston, Texas 77210-4486 
  3. Or contact Kristine Shirar at MD Anderson  713-794-1084 or 800-525-5841 for more information.

Every gift is a blessing and will help so many women in the future.  Please give generously.

Thank you.

Leilani Essary Hurles
Author of Ride,Baby,Ride!

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