Emotional Ups And Downs

The past couple of months have been filled with everything from awesome days of joy and love to extremely down days of depression and tears.  If you follow me on Facebook then you know that it came the time to give up our horses.  One of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made.  And if you know Bill and me well, then you know that we have had Poco and Bud for twenty years.  That twenty years was filled with love and fun.  After my cancer hit…I wasn’t able to ride like I used to.  And in that amount of time our ages caught up with us as well.  Bill was having trouble cleaning the barn a couple times a day and daily maintenance was becoming difficult.  We got with several people on a solution and my friend Tammy found a good home for the boys.  A nice couple with kids and grandkids wanted them.  They came from Cuero, TX to pick them up.  Our problem has now returned.  Poco and Bud are not adjusting like we all thought.  They are so excited about being with the other horses that they are too frisky for the kids.  The couple has asked if we wanted them back but we just can’t go through that emotional departure again.  So, we are looking for a nice place for the boys to go …again.  They will stay in Cuero until the end of the month in which time we are all trying to come up with a solution.   If you know of anyone that would love two wonderful horses …free of charge, only requirement is lots of love…please let us know.  Please pray for them to find a loving home.

Bill and I just got back from Las Vegas.  The trip was a success as far as the books go and Big Elvis (Pete Vallee) received his star on the Vegas strip.  We were invited to the party and VIP dinner, where he was presented the star.  It will be put in the walkway near Harrah’s Piano Bar entrance for all to see.  Congratulations Pete…we love you.

We are all getting ready for Lani’s wedding.  As it draws near we are in panic mode that all is taken care of.  No slip up forgetful things.  I bought six cases of wine yesterday.  Working on getting the champagne today.  Kegs of beer have been ordered and the beautiful wedding cakes have been ordered.  The bride’s cake is awesome.  Just what Lani wanted and the groom cake is a hoot.   TJ has no clue what we have in store for him!

On another emotional note…….a long time acquaintance of mine that I used to work with at Kroger many years ago has brain cancer.  Besides my prayer warriors prayers, Diane needs help on her “Go Fund Me Page”.  This is something I don’t normally get involved in but Diane is in serious need.  Please go to: https://www.gofundme.com/3exmmt4?pc=sm_co_supportersfeedinvite_a
Please check it out and pray for Diane.Hill Ozan.  Diane starts March 6TH.

Other than that… Bill and I are fine.  I am enjoying my brief “getaways” to work.  Mostly the small amount of freedom I get and not having to repeat everything I say.  You women get the point.  Chico and Cleopatra are fine.  Chico goes in for his 6 month check up and due for some vaccines which I’m sure he won’t like.  But both enjoying their life in Navasota.

Please stay safe and happy.  Love you all.


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