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Life’s Little Treasures

Oh Lord, you have finally challenged me to the limit.  I have done the ultimate “gross out”.  Getting Magoo to poop and pee on/in a pan.  I really thought I had seen it all.  Wrong!  98 year old “rod and … Continue reading

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Magoo’s Magic Carpet Ride!

At 5:45 AM on Thursday, January 17TH, Magoo hit the carpet with a crash!  The port-a-potty went head over heels with him.  I jumped out of bed bolted to the monitor, only to see a laid out, carpet kissing, rug … Continue reading

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When In Doubt…Serve Meatballs!

Getting started today with medical updates.  Bill will be having a sleep apnea test tonight.  He gets to spend the night at the clinic and snore all he wants to.  Bill has had bouts of restless night sleep and Dr. Odhav … Continue reading

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Final Farewell for Michele

How to begin?  How to describe the emptiness?  How to absorb the pain that lingers with your son on the loss of his wife?  We said our earthly goodbyes to Michele on Thursday.  The funeral home was packed.  If I … Continue reading

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Getting It Off My Chest

This past Saturday was a very sad day for our family.  If you follow me or Lani on Facebook , you already know that my we lost my beautiful daughter-in-law to congestive heart failure at the ripe ole age of 31.  … Continue reading

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Out with the Old…In With the New!

Let’s see …where to start?  During Christmas break we lost power for about 45 minutes.  The extremely high winds were unbelievable.  Put that with the cool air and it was too much for the country transformers.  My neighbor, without mentioning … Continue reading

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