When In Doubt…Serve Meatballs!

Getting started today with medical updates.  Bill will be having a sleep apnea test tonight.  He gets to spend the night at the clinic and snore all he wants to.  Bill has had bouts of restless night sleep and Dr. Odhav wanted to have his sleep habits checked out.  So today he has to limit caffeine intake, can’t take an afternoon “power nap” and show up at the clinic tonight.  So I have put a “do not sit” sign on his recliner.  I know if Bill sits for 5 minutes in that chair his ass will be asleep. 

I had my blood work done on Monday and my Dr. Bevers appointment yesterday.  Happy to report that the CA125 was a 3.5 and pelvic exam looked good.  Well, I don’t know if it looked good to the Bev….from his view, but it looked good as far as a medical standpoint.  So I will return in 3 months for another blood test and physical.  And here’s the catcher…I have a hernia.  Right above my belly-button that will have to be fixed sometime in the future because it will only get bigger.  I am still having gallstone misery every once in a while.  So I was hoping to combine the two surgeries and get it all taken care of at once.  Kill two birds with one stone…no pun intended!  Surgery date pending since Bill and I will be headed to Vegas for my birthday.

When in doubt..serve meatballs.  Swedish, Italian, Home-style, and Spicy.  They come frozen or make your own.  Which is a good excuse to open an incredible bottle of wine to sip on while you slave in the kitchen.  Quick, easy,satisfying…kinda like sex.  I guess it depends on how much work you put into it.  (For anyone under 21, let’s put your parents on the spot and ask them what this means)!  The “crock pot” not the “crack pot” serving it really gets the credit.  And depending on your taste…flavors are numerous.  Personally there is a “Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce” that is made right here in Texas, Fredericksburg to be exact, that will knock your socks off …or whatever else you prefer to shed.  It is a specialty product of Fischer & Wieser.  This all natural and gluten free sauce is named RAZZPOTLE.  Other thoughts on serving ideas are to add to any pork or beef, use as a dip for chicken fingers, mix with vinegar and oil to use as a salad dressing or pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers.  I have even used it in wine pairings and tastings.  Anyway, try it out….really a hit with company.

We have a Hurles remote alert.  The remote has grown testicles!  Bill fell asleep in his recliner and happened to be snacking on what else but… leftover meatballs, and dropped the remote right smack dab in the middle of the plate.  (No, the man did not hear it fall).  Scared the poop out of me when I saw it.  Looked like the remote needed a vasectomy!

How long can you keep leftover pie?  Don’t know why but in our home sweets are pretty much a special occasion.  Anything chocolate is usually eaten or given away…right away.  This prevents the temptation and saves the butt some damage.  Bill will eat a piece of pie with his coffee every now and then.  I, on the other hand…not at all. Only exception for me are SNICKERS.  Do not wave a Snickers under my nose.  Magoo is a disposal for any stray sweet that comes along.  He actually hears it calling his name.  Magoo…here I am!  Magoo…come get a big bite!  If the man figures out that we have had a gathering of any kind, he knows there are “hidden butt expanding treasures” at the house.  Magoo on the loose!  In coming!  Pie alert!  I can definitely report in a modern day science journal that 98 year old minds have radar for pie.   

Take care everyone.  We are slowly recovering from our loss of Michele and Dusty is doing as well as expected.  Each day is a little better.  The Lord has his plan and we will pray that each day brings good things and lots of healing.  Thanks again for all the prayers.  Not only for Michele but for my blood work.  We are truly blessed to have you all near.  


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