No Shame In My Game!

I know…it’s about time.  Been a little busy lately.  But back to inform all on the happenings.  And believe me they go from the normal to the bazaar.  So here we go.

First, the update on the family.  Cleopatra, our black cat, is doing great.  Full of life and very entertaining to say the least.  Her ears are like the Morse Code.  I know exactly what she is thinking depending on what her ears are doing.  When they go straight forward she is either stalking something or she is doing some serious thinking.  If they twitch …she is making a final decision.  If they go back..I’m in trouble.  She is in attack mode and wants to play.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read people like that.  Especially the ones that you have concerns about.  Chico is Chico.  Never changes.  Steady and loyal.  The horses have found a new home in Dobbins, TX.  I pray that they are happy and doing well.

Lani and TJ were married and we had a few spiritual encounters along the way.  We believe my mom and Dusty’s wife, Michele, (Michele, was Dusty’s wife that we lost way to soon of congestive heart failure) were having some fun.  Before we left for Galveston, in one of the guest bathrooms, a hair dryer fell off of the shelf.  No, it flew off the shelf.  Did not fall right under where it was sitting but landed by the bathroom door.  A good four feet away.  No one was in the bathroom and no one had used the hair dryer.  We just heard the crash out of the blue.  Then after the wedding, Lani could not find her make-up bag anywhere.  She wasn’t sure if someone mistakenly took it home with them or the girls that did the hair and make-up for the bride and bridesmaids took it with their stuff accidentally.  After Lani and TJ got home..they looked everywhere with no avail.  The next night Lani had a dream.  She dreamed that the make-up bag was in the hanging bag with the bridal gown.  She woke up and went to the hanging bag and there it was.  I am glad that the spirits were there and I’m glad that they were nice enough to let us know they were there to help.

Bill and I met up with our first snakes of the spring.  Bill ran into one while on the mower out by the front fence.  And was it a doozy!  A six foot long black rat snake!  And as I went down the ramp to the back porch, about 9PM to feed the critters…lying on the handrail was a two foot long copperhead.  And if you know me…you know the snake is now missing it’s head.  So disgusting…can’t stand them.

Other than that…work is going well.  Only problem seems to be the problem we all have as we age.  I lose 3 things constantly….my glasses, my car keys, and my wine glass!  What’s weird about it is …I don’t seem to misplace anything else.  Like why can’t I misplace Bill every now and then.  Give me a little peace.  Oh well, the good news is I had blood work and physical exam on Wednesday and all came out great.  CA125 was a 3.3 and exam was clear.  So thank you for prayers and love.  January was seven years since the diagnoses, I am truly blessed!

Please pray for a family that is very special to me.  They are going through a very rough time right now and need your support.  Keep a teenager named Michael in your thoughts.  Go get’em  Pray Patrol!

Love and hugs my friends.

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