Safe and Sound

Would like to start off by thanking everyone for the prayers to get back to Houston safe after a very interesting vacation week.  If you follow me on Facebook you know that Bill and I went to visit Lani and TJ in Columbia, SC.  The week started with a beautiful flight in to Charlotte and then an Express jet down to Columbia.  We rented a car and headed to Lani’s house.  We visited that evening and the next day they took us to the Roof Top Bar in downtown Columbia.  There we watched the Texan game and preceded to drink every ounce of beer that was in Columbia.  Monday morning, with a little beer fog in the brain, we all drove to Cherokee, NC.  We had reservations on the reservation, and we started to donate to Harrah’s and the Cherokee Nation!  But proud of myself …I did win at roulette.  Then here comes hurricane Florence.  So, we had to cut our Cherokee trip short (I think it saved Bill lots of dough) and head back to Columbia to weather the storm.  Went to Kroger and bought $300. dollars of supplies and of course…..a jaunt to the liquor store.  The fridge was loaded with all the necessities.  Beer, wine, mixers,…..mixers, wine, beer,…oh… and water.  The storm hits and the adventure begins.  A drinking and game playing binge that lasted for days.  American Airlines cancelled our flight three times.  Finally got out on Sunday afternoon.  Hertz rent a car extended our extra days and did not charge us.  So thank you Hertz.  And I do have to say American Airlines customer service could not have been nicer.  Every agent we had was very eager to help.  We were routed from Columbia to Dallas, and then Dallas to Houston.

Going back to work was a challenge the first few days.  Had to get my brain cells geared up once more.  Yesterday after work, I was honored to speak at an Ovarian Cancer group at the beautiful Canopy room at Memorial Hermann Woodlands.  Met up with friend Gwennie and her amazing group of cancer fighters. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other on days of “need of encouragement”.  I hope that no one ever feels alone.  A great evening with strong women.  Hugs to Linda A. , Linda M.(and her mom and sister), Barbara, and Glenneth and Gwennie!

Off today and then back to work tomorrow.  Just getting caught up on house cleaning and clothes washing after the vacation week.  Love to you all.


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