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It Has To Be Mentioned!

It’s not something to bring up in a normal conversation.  But, then again, I’m not normal.  But does anyone else have difficulty in wiping their ass?  No, literally.  As you get older the body is not as agile as when we were … Continue reading

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Look mom…No Pants!

Nothing like being busy during retirement.  So this is a Tuesday update.  I have to let everyone know who attends the breakfast prayer group that I had the best time at Krista’s house.  The group is made up of courageous … Continue reading

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Pistol Packing Momma!

Between Bill and daddy mockingbird it is a toss up of which one drives me more nuts!  Momma mock is settled in her two story condo keeping her four beautiful blue speckled eggs warm.  Meanwhile, daddy mock is fighting with the … Continue reading

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Ultra Sound Results

Ultra sound showed nothing.  A kidney stone on  left side but that’s not the side that hurt.  Blood work great!  So good news all around.  See Dr. Bevers next week for the leg spread!!!!!  Thanks for the prayers…God wants us … Continue reading

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No Laughing Bladder!

At 62, one begins to wonder what happens to ones bladder, as one ages.  Bladder control is not a laughing matter.  You laugh…you pee.  You cough…you pee.  You sneeze…you pee.  You toot…you pee.  You run…you pee.  And if you are … Continue reading

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Open Wide and Say Ahhhh

Do you ever sometimes feel that you know every doctor of every type practice… in town?  I could be the interior decorator of every waiting room in three counties.  I can tell you which offices are boring, which has TV’s, who … Continue reading

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