Open Wide and Say Ahhhh

Do you ever sometimes feel that you know every doctor of every type practice… in town?  I could be the interior decorator of every waiting room in three counties.  I can tell you which offices are boring, which has TV’s, who serves coffee and so on.  I could open a business on giving doctors advice on everything  from comfortable chairs, what to have in the restrooms, and what to offer while waiting patiently for your appointment.  Let’s face it…you are on time but they are not going to be…as a rule.  And their rule, I might add.  Bill likes Dr. Ahern’s office,  (Dr. Ryan Ahern, dermotologist surgeon),  The St. Luke’s Fusion Center (the chemo place), Dr. Robert Parker”s office(podiatrist), and Dr. Bevers office ( no intro needed)  because they serve coffee.  Dr. Odhav’s office (cardio dude) has a “goodies counter” in the building lobby that let’s you pick from a variety of things…but you have to pay.  Some doctors don’t allow food or drinks in their waiting room which is so crazy because they are the ones where you usually wait the longest.  Just about everyone does not allow cell phone use.  That I like.  The ones that use them in the waiting rooms are so annoying and talk so loud like they can’t hear what the other person is saying.  I mean would you like to borrow the one hearing aid that Bill has left?  And their staffs are so lucky.  Nurses, office clerks, lab crews…everybody….because they get to wear scrubs to work.  How awesome to wake up each work day and not have to decide what to wear.  Monday is red scrub day, Tuesday is green scrub day and so on.  Just think getting up saying ….blue day…..doesn’t matter if it makes you look fat or doesn’t fit just right…it’s a decision that every working person hates to make.  I remember changing two or three times each morning.  I’d look in the mirror and want to throw up!  I went into the wrong profession.  Dr. Kaestner (dentist) has the coolest restroom.  At the sink he gives away dental hygiene stuff.  Need a toothbrush to go…he’s got them. 

Getting old is hell!  I have noticed some of my usual habits have been expanded.  I used to keep a pair of “cheater” glasses by the phone and by my chaise lounge.  Now you can find them in every nook and niche in the house.  I have made the drug store rich in reading glasses alone.  I have every magnified power level too.  I even had Bill tell me he liked the idea of having them close by in the bathroom.  Bill puts his on to shave…..I hope  I never get to where they are in the shower with me to shave.  Probably would have to go to magnified goggles.  Getting ready to take a shower has now become an adventure.  Put down the rubber mat so you don’t fall on your ass.  Sit in the shower chair to shave and scrub feet.  Three different types of shampoo.  Your everyday shampoo, your conditioning shampoo, and the bottle of dandruff stuff just in case you need it.   Your razor, your poofer (the little cute scrub ball you wash with), we have two ….different colors…this month I have the teal one and Bill’s is yellow.  The towel that hangs over the shower door in case “Mr. Wuzzie” gets water in his eyes.  Toothbrush and toothpaste because it saves time.  You don’t have to do it when you get out and drop toothpaste on your clothes.  And of course the shower gels.  One, a manly smell for Bill and a couple of different fragrances for me.  Welcome to our million dollar shower. 

As a rule we read the manual after we screw up.  Most men don’t read them at all.  Bill thinks it’s part of the packaging stuffing.  I always dig it out and hold on to it because you know your going to need it.  The first curse word you hear..out it comes.  Did you do step two, three?  I feel I get a lift from God’s manual. Sometimes with the cancer scares and the everyday doctor visits life becomes a little over whelming.   God wants us to read His manual as we live each day.  His manual sometimes sits on the shelf for months…when we need it daily.  Just think it’s all written right there for us.  Whatever the title of your manual…try it.  God will smile!

Off to another doctors appt. today.  Have to have a chipped tooth fixed.  I would normally say my “give a poo-poo” was busted but this chip is right in front.  A mishap that occurred in the operating room during my gall bladder surgery.  Hate to think about the crap they stick down your throat while your on the table.  Anyway it will be repaired today.  Bill gets to have his favorite lunch today because the dentist office is next to the pizza place. 

Had the video made for the new book on Saturday.  Special thanks to Mike and Christina and their company “ZOOM”.  They were incredibly easy to work with and I can’t wait to see the end product. Still a few more things to add.  Bill, Dusty, and good friends Linda and David were also a big part of the video.  I’ll let everyone know when it is out.  Should be on Facebook and YouTube.

Love to all.  Big Hugs!

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