Embarking on New Adventures

As we sail through this month just as we have all the rest, I seem to be getting vibes to do something different.  I have recently (this past year) been involved with a group of people in the Fulshear/Katy area that meet twice a month and our goal is to help each other thrive through our different businesses.  I have hooked up with an outfit that helps promote your business through the making of a video.  So for the purpose of getting the word out about the “silent killer”, ovarian cancer, I have decided to go through with this exciting adventure.  I believe it will definitely be a plus for the cause.  I will be talking about symptoms, my experience with surgeries and chemo, and living life to it’s fullest.  It will be launched on Facebook and YouTube, as well as my website. 

Bill and I are getting used to granddogs that have moved in with us as well as the coming and goings of Dusty.  I had forgotten how much energy young people have.  It’s enough to make you inhale wine and not sip it.  Starr is better about the loss of her beloved brother Moochie and seems to be doing better each day.  I wish I could say the same about Bill and me.  I just wish we could explain in doggy words what happened.  Dusty’s dogs help by playing with her, running up and down the fence line, but she will only play for a little while and then retrieves back to the house.  Dusty is finding out what a “pack rat” Michele was and we spend hours at a time reading her notes and comments she strategically left for Dusty to find.  Quite a clever young lady.  I think she knew she did not have much time and now from Heaven, sends messages our way.  Daughter-in-law Jennifer and I were talking in the kitchen this weekend and the top of the trash can started swinging…and I mean swinging.  No one was around it and no fans or anything of that sort were blowing it.  We both were floored!  Then I was in the den and my Dean Martin puppet doll turned on by itself and started singing.  Dean is on a dresser in the office.  I was no where near it.  Bill was out mowing, Starr was asleep on her pillow by me, Dusty was at work…so don’t ask me.  I think Magoo and Michele have teamed up on a earthly visits to let us know they are fine.  Magoo was always bitching that the trash needed to be taken out (although this can was almost empty..nothing near the lid), and Michele and I used to talk all the time about me having a huge crush on Dean Martin as a kid.  Logical to me!  Just bought 2 more cases of Merlot for back-up!

Our dear friends Linda and David are helping me put the final touches on the new book.  We are gathering pictures and last minute chapter “info” so I can send it to my “main man” Tyler.  Editor extraordinaire.  Lani should be in near the end of April for a few weeks so hopefully we can tie up any loose ends at that time. She will be here for her cousin and my Nephew Ryan’s wedding.  The whole family is looking forward to that adventure.  They will be getting married on what would have been Magoo’s 99Th birthday.  With dad and Michele having so much fun in the spiritual world…I’d hate to think what they have in store for the wedding.  We’d better pack plenty of “spirits” of our own.

Doing the finishing touches on dad’s final affairs.  Letting go of someone is one thing but dealing with the paperwork is another.  So time consuming and sad.  I would say advice to anyone who loses someone dear is to hire someone else to handle the crap.  But Magoo left happy and had taken care of many things years ago which helped.  I will always be in admiration of just how organized he was.  We are still planning to have his celebration of life sometime in June.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  A little nippy today but beautiful.  Feel bad for y’all up there in that snow storm.  Have a good friends who live in Virginia, Jim and Rita, who had their truck demolished by a tree branch that broke off and fell.  It was so weighed down by ice and snow.  Kinda got the feel’in that was Jim’s pride and joy!  God bless and if you hear things that go bump in the night…just smile…Magoo and Michele are on the loose!


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