Fire Extinguisher Fiasco!

I wrote this blog  being of sound body and mind…I think.  While spring cleaning I took the liberty of checking all the fire extinguishers.  Big mistake!  I do not think God in all His wisdom put women on this earth to test the working parts of a fire extinguisher.  Easy to use…MY ASS!  Let me start of by saying wear protective clothing and goggles.  Instructions go something like this.  Please make sure that you test your fire extinguisher every month.  (OK …this is the first time in 10 years.  I know, they are not supposed to be an art form just hanging on the wall for a talking piece….they are to save lives if a fire should start in your home).  First…check the gauge.  The pressure indicator arrow should be in the green space.  If the arrow is not in the green space throw it out and buy another.  Otherwise, with arrow in green space, pull the pin.  Stand 6 feet from the testing spot, aim and squeeze the handle and sweep from side to side.  May I say…that you really need to see where the stuff comes out.  The right direction is a must.  And be prepared for a loud noise.  Nothing said about the sonic boom when squeezed.  Since I decided that the best place to test it was outside….I picked a spot where I felt all of nature would be safe.  The mockingbird decided it had to be a witness to this humiliating failure of modern technology and would not shut up.  I was very tempted to show him/her how fun it feels to be creamed by a blast of whatever is in the container.  Instead …I found out.  I had that crap everywhere.  The horses took of running.  Starr headed for the house.  The mockingbird flew right into the side of the barn (didn’t hurt it) and I looked like I had gotten into a fight with the Pillsbury Dough-boy.  Only one extinguisher was tested and all will be replaced.  I will never test one again.  Thank God I didn’t have Bill do it.  Winston Churchill once said “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.  I don’t think old Winston had to ever check a fire extinguisher!

I picked up a book at the grocery store,of all places, and got the biggest kick out of a small book about God and wisdom.  It’s titled “Wasn’t it Smart of God To…”.  In it are some things that just make you laugh.  And boy, I’m looking for things to keep my mind off the last 3 months.  Wasn’t it smart of God to…..put our noses on our faces instead of under our arms–for odorously obvious reasons.  ****make the rain fall in lots of little drops instead of one really big one.  ***give us 2 ears and 1 mouth so we’ll remember to listen twice as much as we talk.  ***give us 2 eyebrows instead of one–and tweezers to help keep them that way.  And they go on and on.  I think I’ll go back and buy a couple to give as gifts.  A nice inexpensive picker upper.

Well, we have to share the not so good news with the good.  We are missing Moochie.   Our beloved Aussie mix entered his spiritual life on Friday at the age of 14.  The entire family is in a “tail spin”.  And I use that phrase because Moochie didn’t have a tail…Aussies don’t have them.  When he was excited his whole butt would wag.  Bill and I made the decision to let him go be with Lilly and the other doggy angels because he had developed a vestibular problem.  And that could have been a brain tumor.  We decided not to put him through all the tests.  We had 14 loyal- loving years together and we miss him so much.  Starr (our black lab) is still looking for him and falls asleep with her head in my hand.  Our boy is now with God and “mooching” scraps off of the heavenly plates of the angels.  We love you Mooch-man!!!!

Still miss Lani…more everyday.  Dusty has moved many of his things in along with his two dogs.  Chico is a Houdini… and has no problem opening the gate with his paw.  He reminds me of our good friends Linda and David’s dog Tanner, who does the same thing with their back door.  Like we all say…now we have to teach them to close it!  Dusty went with us to the George Strait Concert at Reliant Stadium last night.  King George did it again.  80,000 plus to see his farewell tour show.  Only thing missing was my sidekick …Lani. 

I received many funny stories about …men driving their wives episodes.  I swear, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Everything from hitting curbs, messing up the tires, scratches and dents, and having to take anxiety pills.   I’ll have to do another blog on this topic very soon. 

Have a great week.  Hugs!


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