Prayer Warrior Alert!

OK….finally sitting down for about a month catch up.  Time has gone by so fast and things have gotten so busy it’s hard to know if I’m coming or going.  Work has set the tempo of a mad woman.  So many things going on and of course the usual “work drama”.  Not like a “Peyton Place” drama but work related issues.  Kids not showing up for work and so on.  Sometimes I wonder how the work ethics of kids has gotten so out of hand.

Some mornings I have to get up extremely early and I try so hard not to wake up the house.  But Chico sleeps right next to my bed and if I so much as move he is at my heels to make sure he is not going to miss a meal.  Like you can forget to feed an 80 pound pit-bull!  I mean like lying across my feet while I’m using the toilet, lying across my feet when I’m brushing my teeth, and lying across my feet when I’m blow drying my hair.  Does he really think I’m going to forget about him?  The minute I hit the kitchen, Cleopatra knows that I’m up and I have to go into the study and do her morning ritual with her.  I finally get back to the kitchen to make my sacred first cup of coffee and I trip over Chico lying over my feet and wake up Bill …who flies around the corner to make sure I didn’t face plant on the kitchen floor…with Chico lying over my feet!!!!!

Speaking of getting up early, does anyone have the same dilemma I do?  When I have to get up super early…like not my normal 6-6:30, I set my alarm and stare at it all night thinking it’s not going to go off.  I get up to use the restroom, which I hardly ever do, depending on wine consumption, and lie there thinking of things I did in 1959.  Sometimes I do wonder about my brain.  Or…what’s left of it!  After getting up and getting my sacred first cup of coffee and dealing with the above morning drama, I head to the bathroom and shower.  And yes, Chico is standing guard right outside the shower door.  I get out and immediately pour Visine in my red eyes.  I mean…can’t have the world knowing I stared at the damn alarm clock all night and thought about my third grade boyfriend, (and for all of you that went to Memorial Drive Elementary School with me know that my boyfriend at that time was Sam Alford).  And as I’m pouring Visine in my eyes..Chico bumps me and now I have Visine in my scared first cup of coffee!  So now my whole digestive system “got the red out”!

Headed over to a friends house to watch the Texans play.  Hopefully we can make up for losing two of our key players last week.  It made me cry to watch JJ in such pain after all he did for our community during and after hurricane Harvey.  But before I go, I need all my prayer warriors to get to work.  I’m sure many of you have heard about the Mayor of League City, Texas on the news.  My good friend and old swimming buddy Mayor Pat Hallisey had a massive heart attack and needs urgent prayers.  His family is staying strong and needs us.  Pat’s brother Jim is keeping me up to date on surgeries, etc. Pat married my daughter Lani and her husband TJ in Galveston last March.  Pat helped his community to stay strong after the storm and was a constant pillar of support for everyone.  God bless you Pat Hallisey…we love you!

Love and Hugs!



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