Settling Down

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  After returning from Shreveport, book selling and pleasure combined, it was back to work and back to a hectic schedule.  Returned to town on Monday, went back to work Tuesday, got to spend some time with my grandson after work on Thursday, went to a Kentucky Derby party at Sam Houston Race Park on Saturday, and church, along with Big Brother Big Sister function at Audi Central Houston on Sunday.  And it will be back to work today.  We will be busy with everyone getting ready for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.

While in Shreveport, Bill and I were on the elevator and a lady gets on and her tee-shirt said ” fat people are harder to kidnap”.  It was so funny that I just burst out laughing.  Everyone in the elevator looked at me like I was nuts.  I had her turn around so all could read.  As we got off the elevator…everyone was laughing.  Then everyone in the foyer thought the entire elevator load was smoking something.  I need one of those shirts.  I think it was some kind of ice cream festival that she had attended.

Every morning I feed the birds and squirrels.  As I have said before…all our squirrels look like they are on steroids.  They literally would be hard to kidnap….or easier because they can’t run fast. They are so FAT!
Cleopatra was lying out by the porch door and Chip (all of our squirrels are named Chip) walks up to the screen and stares at her. Their noses were actually touching with only the screen between them.  It was so amazing.  This morning there were 10 squirrels, cardinals, doves, wrens, hummingbirds, and a pair of redheaded woodpeckers.  I love drinking my morning coffee and watching Mother Nature at her best.  God is always present.  A great time to communicate with the main MAN!

Hope everyone has a great week.  Special shot out to bartender Richard at The Horseshoe.  It was so enjoyable seeing you each morning and enjoying your delicious Bloody Marys!  And thank you to BBBS of Houston for the invite to The Taste Of Texas gathering.  As always… an honor and a pleasure to attend and help out such a wonderful organization.  Prayers going out to all that need them….Bill in Washington St. and Valerie in England, and friend Michael.

Ride, Baby, Ride!


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