Who Whines The Most?

God said women will suffer in childbirth because of Adam and Eve’s deal with the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  However, I think God left out one important point.  Women will suffer when taking their man to the doctor’s office.  And…Heaven forbid for some sort of surgery.  It’s an everyday suffering thing just maintaining a man!  I had the privilege of taking Bill in for his ear surgery last week.  He had another spot on his ear that the doctor said had to be removed.  You would have thought the world was coming to an end.  Why this? And why that?  It’s like… just shut up and let the man do the surgery.  Lani and I were laughing that this is one orifice that he doesn’t use anyway since he can’t hear …so what’s the big deal?  Dr. Adam told him that he wouldn’t come out looking like Vincent van Gogh!    Just happens it’s his left ear as well.  I don’t think Bill thought that it was as amusing as I did!

On the same note, I had two small places frozen on my right cheek.  Not butt cheek..face cheek.  Dr. Adam asked me after he froze them if I’d like to look in the mirror to see what he did.  It’s like what does it matter now, you’ve already done the damage.  Like after you poop.  When you stand up, you flush,because you don’t care what it looks like you’re just glad you did it and you got a load off.  Nothing as satisfying as a good poop.  And when you have had a blocked bowel at one time in your life…you know what I’m talking about.  Dr. Adam said “good comparison”!

Been working on my Ancestry and 23 And Me project.  Actually in touch with a lady who I have been matched with DNA wise as possible half sister.  Starting to get good.  I’ll keep you informed.  Boy, what modern science can produce.

Please send prayers for my friend Michael.  A sweet kiddo going through some rough times.  Love and hugs to you all.


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