Ride, Baby, Ride!

One Woman’s battle with ovarian cancer inspires laughter and hope.

Now, in Ride, Baby, Ride!  Leilani shares her story for the first time in book form, complete with photos, cartoons, and her unstoppable sense of humor and faith in the human will to overcome.

Join Leilani on an inspiring journey that will teach you to:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Never Give Up
  • Let Family and Friends Know You Love Them
  • Keep a Sense of Humor (even when you really have to poop!)

“As someone who has had her own battle with ovarian cancer, I know the pain, the fear, the sudden dramatic sense that you are mortal and your body may not survive the struggle.  I also know that strong people can get through that time by drawing on their inner strength, spiritual resources, and the people they love.  Leilani Hurles almost makes that effort look easy as she meets ovarian cancer head-on with courage, laughter, and a focus on life rather than pain.  There is scarcely a grumble in this book as she finds humor in every situation.  ‘Ride, Baby, Ride!’ will soon be the mantra of ovarian cancer survivors everywhere!”
– Chris Bledy, author of Beating Ovarian Cancer: How to Overcome the Odds and Reclaim Your Life


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