Hello everyone.  So much has happened in the last couple of weeks…so let us get to it!

We took a nice trip to Las Vegas for a few days and had a really great get-away.  Sold some books and enjoyed the excitement of Sin City.  Bill was busy in the casinos while I was busy shopping.  Brought back some really cute things.

I took off from work on June 10TH so that Bill and I could go to the Preakness at Sam Houston Race Park.  Always a fun time and plenty of food.  Bill even got lucky and won a couple of trifectas.  I see more shopping in my future!

Had a wonderful day with my good friend Velma.  She cut my hair, we tried on clothes, and we went to lunch.  Our lunches usually last the entire day and the bartenders at Pappasito’s are always accommodating! Velma is my friend that owns the company called “Memory”.  If you love well made clothing…you have to check out her clothing line.  I have purchased tops, short dresses, and long dresses from her.  They are embroidered and I always get compliments on them.  You can E-mail her at for more information.

I have put a transfer in at work.  I am moving to the new Marketplace store in Montgomery, TX.  I will miss all my friends in College Station but this store is much closer and I will be saving a ton in gas.  I’m hoping to get the wine consultant position which is what I used to do for the company years ago.  Please wish me luck.

In the meantime…there’s Bill!!!!!  The man never ceases to amaze me in some of his antics. June 20TH was our anniversary.  We had a nice dinner out and returned home and made us a cocktail.  So, Bill made himself a Crown on the rocks and made me a glass of wine.  He goes in the bathroom and does his usual routine which includes gargling with Listerine.  He puts his Listerine glass next to his Crown glass.  He picks up his Listerine glass…not paying attention…and drinks the Listerine.  Swallows down the Listerine.  Comes to me in panic mode and of course I’m saying…REALLY!!!!  So, Dr. Bevers was called…and after 10 minutes of full, blown out laughter, it was determined that Bill would make it.  What saved him was he swallowed it down and it wasn’t lodged in his throat where it could have burnt the hell out of him.  The fun part was in the middle of the night and the next morning when he couldn’t stay off the porcelain throne.  Talk about a probiotic!  And a rectal explosion worst than eating jalapenos…do they make butt fire extinguishers?   Anyway, Bill is alive and well to give me another heart attack today.

Love and hugs my friends.  Have a great weekend and BE SAFE!   Prayers out to those who have contacted me.  And please continue to pray for my teenage friend Mike.


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