Look mom…No Pants!

Nothing like being busy during retirement.  So this is a Tuesday update. 

I have to let everyone know who attends the breakfast prayer group that I had the best time at Krista’s house.  The group is made up of courageous ladies who are or have battled different cancers.  A very inspirational group.  The entertaining brunch is full of female gossip and encouragement.  Discussions from the way women are treated at Discount Tire to the rudeness at ATT (of which I am very familiar).  One lady lost her husband recently and was telling all about the insurance company woes.  There again I am going through the same crap with dad.  One lady lives in a very nice neighborhood and has hoodlums shooting out windows on her street at night and seem to elude the cops.  One lady has a next door neighbor who is really nice but their son plays his music so loud that when he is outside it vibrates everything within 2 city blocks.  Dishes in the cabinet play music to the booming of the bass.  I’m sure that did not set in well during her chemo therapy when her brain cells were in fog mode and were vibrating against each other to the sound of Rap music.  So I decided there should be “BASS REVENGE”!  In the middle of the night turn up the stereo next to the teens window and play something so out of his league like Dean Martin or Sinatra.  Really blow his mind. 

Bevers appointment went really great.  CA125 was a “3”!  That was the best news and pelvic exam went well.  The “Bev” was running a little late so I complained of having to sit  with exposed twat for longer than usual.  When he did get to me he had a nurse practitioner in training with him.  Number one…I do not like women messing with my who-who.  In my book …that’s a man’s duty.  I liked her but I’m sure she will want to change professions after examining me. Well, Dr. Bevers told me to break her in.  And I did!!! I informed the Bev that I did perfume the privates for him.  Of which he said he was most appreciative.  After all it is not lady like to go to an pelvic exam not prepared.  So without pants and dressed to the “T” from the waist up…Pink silk blouse, pink pistol necklace, pink scarf, and pink hat, I made the best dressed list for who-who exams.  Dr. Bevers said he was sorry that I had to go without my pants for so long but it was worth it for him to see me decked out from the waist up!   After the appointment Bill and I met daughter -in-law Jennifer for lunch at Willie Ice-house.  (Best seafood gumbo…FYI).  A lady walks up to me and said “are you Dr. Bevers patient that wrote the book”?  Yes.  Dr. Bevers said you’d be here and that you were wearing a pink, straw cowboy hat.  I’m thinking…surprised he didn’t say look for the woman with no pants on.  Her name is Olivia and she bought a book on line while at the rest .  She had just been told she was cancer free.  Celebration for sure.  We just pray it stays away.

We have a good friend of ours son staying in the garage apartment.  Although Rodney will be moving out soon. We have really enjoyed having him here.  He owns a kayak which sits under the carport in it’s storage bag. Every time I see it I have to laugh.  It looks like the body bag for the Jolly Green Giant or a morgue baggie for Goliath.  Rodney purchased a house and will be moving out soon.  It was nice to have two young men staying here (Dusty too)…felt really safe.  I just had to make sure everyone knew everyone’s work schedule so no one got shot!

Speaking of shot!  Bill and I were fingerprinted for our concealed gun license yesterday.  Talk about a hoot.  All digital now with the computer.  They had to redo mine twice.  My right hand especially.  I was like, print-less.  First, she asked if I had ever been fingerprinted before.  I said …no.  She asked if I had burned my hands badly as a kid…no.  It was so funny.  Finally got the best prints they could.  So I guess if you want something sinister done , I’m your girl….I leave no prints!  HA!  Bill on the other hand, was already on file because of his time in the Air Force.  But new ones were taken for him with no incident.  Glad you don’t have to take a hearing test! 

Mom and dad mockingbirds are in mourning.  We feel that a snake got her 4 eggs.  We had our neighbors over for dinner one night last week and we found one egg on the ground a few feet from the nest.  All others were gone.  Now they come in a sit for a while then leave.  It’s so sad because we saw how hard they worked.  Sometimes I just hate nature and how it treats us.  I know…part of God’s plan…everything has to eat…but not a frigging snake!  A special thank you to neighbors Bernie, Ernie, Sandy and Marvin for coming to dinner.  We are thankful for all the things you have done for us and offered to do when our health problems were making things difficult.  It was our pleasure to have you share our table.

Lani will be in next week.  I’m so excited.  Casey will be over today to give me a hair trim and do some electrical work for us.  I am trying to let my hair grow out a bit but I’m so used to it being short that it’s hard for me to tolerate.  Have to find some style that goes with my fat cheeks.  The ones on my face!  The other fat cheeks have their own problems.  Bill has been behaving himself.  Had a huge list of honey-do’s to keep him out of my hair.  He told me yesterday that he was out of hearing aid batteries.  I really don’t know what difference it makes.  I guess we just support Ray-o-vac because he can’t hear with them either. 

HUGS to all,


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