Final Farewell for Michele

How to begin?  How to describe the emptiness?  How to absorb the pain that lingers with your son on the loss of his wife?  We said our earthly goodbyes to Michele on Thursday.  The funeral home was packed.  If I had to guess…I would say probably 250 wonderful friends and family.  My heart broke for my son Dusty and of course, for Michele’s family.  Michele’s sister gave a eulogy for her and I gave a eulogy for our family and friends.   We are going to miss that incredible smile and that unforgettable sense of humor that was classic Michele.  So until our spirits meet again…Michele, take care of yourself and of my grandson Daniel Adam.  Heaven certainly has It’s hands full if that “l’il toot” is anything like his daddy!  (For those of you who did not know..Michele was 4 months pregnant with their son.  They found this out during the autopsy).

Hugs from your mom-in-law,

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