Getting It Off My Chest

This past Saturday was a very sad day for our family.  If you follow me or Lani on Facebook , you already know that my we lost my beautiful daughter-in-law to congestive heart failure at the ripe ole age of 31.  The good Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  Death is always a mind messer-upper.  Especially when it takes one so young and near and dear to you. Precious Michele (my youngest son Dusty’s wife) was loving, beautiful in and out, talented artist and a real hoot to be with.  Every time I walk into our den I can just imagine her flying through the door saying “hi mom…thumbs up Bill”!  As I mentioned on Facebook, Heaven is in for a real treat.  I’m sure she has already rearranged and organized everything.  Female angels are now decked out in “spiky heels” and matching halo’s.  The banana bowl needs refilling and the Lil Debbie snacks are missing.  But in Heaven they refill automatically. I will miss you dearly Michele but I know that you get the best hugs ever now in the arms of God.  Earth hugs sent to you.  Please keep my son Dusty and Michele’s mom Carol in your prayers.

NO CLUE!!!!!  The crime happened in the bathroom, with the shampoo by the bathroom phantom.  Remember the fun times playing “Clue”? “Elementary my dear Watson”….or at least it was easy for Sherlock Holmes.  So why am I having such a hard time figuring out what or who keeps screwing with the bathroom.  #1..your in the country, so don’t flush anything you don’t want to see again.  The septic ghost will get you.  Believe me!  Here are my few observations. 
The bath accessories in the guest bath are light blue.  If they appear a different color or have an unapproachable smell…throw them in the laundry basket.  THEY ARE NOT CLEAN! 
The hair in the bottom of the tub or shower and the drain do not need shampooed! Please don’t shampoo the hair that has fallen out of your head.    Make sure all caps are tightly screwed back on.  This includes liquid soap and conditioner as well.  I could probably make 3 wigs with the amount of hair that is down that drain….probably not enough Liquid Plumber in town.
Don’t try to break the Guinness Book of world records on how long you can have a hot shower.  How about this…long hot showers make you go bald and cause you to catch the “hot shower disease”!
When you write or draw stuff on the glass shower door…I can read what you wrote later on.. thanks to the soap residue.  Some are quite amusing.
Room spray is there for a reason.  Please use it if you poop!!!!!!

Well…my BUTTS R US time of year is coming to a close.  Football season has only a few games left to enjoy the derriere scenery.  So I’ll switch to cowboys in Wranglers for the rodeo season.  I’m going to need a new picture of the back side of George Strait.  For some reason the picture has mysterious finger prints on it.  I’ll have to get Lani for that!!! Ha!   

I guess Bill and I are aging gracefully.  We watched the New Year’s Eve ball drop while in bed with bottled water.  Remembering everything , good and bad, that happened in 2012.  Loved ones and friends lost and new friends gained.  Praying for those who need Heavenly help and for world peace.  I mean…what gets into some people?  It”s amazing to me that people go through life not caring about others or how they feel.  Or only help people out for money.  Then something happens to “them” and all of a sudden they need someone.  And guess what?  Who’s there to help?  Whether it be a life changing event…illness, divorce, jail, or a car accident…all of a sudden they need someone.  Yes, we are praying for them too.  Bill and I hope everyone has a great 2013.  Go over life’s speed bumps slow and the ride won’t be so bumpy.  Special prayer out to brother-in-law Ray in Ohio battling pancreatic cancer. 

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs!

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