Out with the Old…In With the New!

Let’s see …where to start?  During Christmas break we lost power for about 45 minutes.  The extremely high winds were unbelievable.  Put that with the cool air and it was too much for the country transformers.  My neighbor, without mentioning any names but he’s a fireman, called and asked if we had lost our power.  While on the phone Bill asked “what is that noise in the background”?  To which our fireman friend answered…are you ready?…. he fired up his generator (you know the one used in hurricane emergencies) to start his coffee pot!!!!!  We were on the floor.  Not to keep the fridge cold for important stuff like wine and beer but to make his coffee.  Only in the country!

Now Magoo, in the mean time has decided to battle the 50 mph winds to see why there is no electricity.  Like it’s going to be written in jet vapor across the sky.  And… after we told him to stay put it was too dangerous to go venturing out.  But of course roaming the porch is one of the things he does best…the other is not listening…so off he goes!  Picture a sail boat in a hurricane, a flag in a tornado, a Kleenex in front of the Jolly Green Giant’s fan.  Well, that’s what Magoo and his walker resembled.  His robe was all over the place.  Kinda like Superman’s cape. It looked like a missile had been launched as he soared by his porch swing only to be stopped by the pillar at the end of the porch .  If it hadn’t been for that…he would have plowed face first into a mole hole…which not even the mole was stupid enough to stick his head out on this day.  Compare it to a football player parallel to the ground trying to cross the goal line.

I know some things do not deserve recognition but I’ll throw it in anyway.  I like sitting in my chase lounge to relax.  I don’t get to do it often especially during the busy holidays.  But I was sitting relaxing and thinking about cancer related stuff.  (One reason I don’t like to think to deeply).  Worrying about family.  Husband, dad, kids.  Thinking of friends.  And thinking what if God calls right now and your sitting here watching your husband flipping the remote from one channel to the next …clueless that you are worried about the future.  What is it with that dumb remote and the male species?  It’s like you put it in their hands and they are in another world.  Now I’m thinking wouldn’t it be great if there was a remote for life.  Push a button and cancer is gone.  Push a button and there is peace.  Push a button and you can visit friends and family who have passed.  Push a button and your husband disappears and the remote is all yours!  Hey, this is fun…I bet I could think of several interesting scenarios.  Several would include George Strait!!!!

Then you have Magoo calling me because his house shoe is disassembling.  Get the duct tape.  So, over to his house I go.  Walk in his door…people, I could have cooked a chicken in the heat!  No oven required.  It was so hot his dog (Lilly) was half in and half out the doggy door.  Easy deed for a dashshund.  Head and front paws sticking outside…probably to breathe, and back end staying toasty.  Magoo is sitting in his recliner messing with his shoe.  He is dressed in sweat clothes and his famous robe.  “Dad…how can you breathe”?  He said it was fine to him.  Every flower on his poinsettia had dropped off!!!  If there was any living thing in that house… it had bailed!  I wonder if there is a button on that remote for this?

Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air…literally.  Horses, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, dogs, cats and birds were going crazy.  Starr (our black lab) was under her pillow.  One of our neighbors down the street decided to put on a “country club” fireworks show.  It lasted 22 minutes.  I counted.  Magoo came out asking where the bunkers were?  No dad, you are not back in WW ll and we are not in Italy.  I put my boots on and went out to check to make sure the horses didn’t break through the fence.  They were not happy but were OK.  Guess what the two men of my house were doing?  You guessed it…snoring.  Bill and Moochie were out like lights.  I mean even the vibration would have been enough.  So I did what every good wife would do.  I stuck his hearing aids in his ears and sat back and watched the look on his face.   Works every time!

I received an e-mail from a lady named Shirley.  I tried to e-mail her back but the e-mail address given was not correct.  So Shirley, if you are reading this please contact me through this website.  I am so humbled by your gracious words and know what you are going through.  Thank you for buying my book for your nook and I wish you all the best.

Take care everyone.  I hope you have a blessed 2013.

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