Still Here! Again!

I am so sorry for being absent from the blog for so long.  Many things on the plate…too many things on the plate.  As you know, I was in the hospital over Thanksgiving.  Christmas came and went without incident…thank goodness.  And bad sinus infection over New Year’s.  So, I was nursing a Z-pack to start 2017.  Went to work with fever on Monday the 2ND.  Slowly getting better but not fully recovered.  For an early birthday gift, Bill took me to The Horseshoe in Bossier City for a weekend of wonderful food and relaxation.

So this week back to work and the normal routine.  Made a serious trip to the grocery store to replenish the pantry.  It’s pretty bad when you get down to the emergency supplies that are saved up for hurricanes, power outages, and nuclear war.  I mean my wine cellar was in serious need of pampering.  Heaven forbid running out of the red grape when the world explodes!  Bill was wondering if we were going to eat soup and sandwiches for the rest of our lives.  But every six months…I call it Disposal Time….I clean out the freezer and can goods to replace for the next six months.  It’s always interesting to see what Mother Nature decides to do in hurricane season.  So as every good Girl Scout knows…BE PREPARED!

I guess everyone is gearing up for Super Bowl.  The Texans play New England tomorrow night.  I know miracles happen….we’ll see.  As for the Clemson/Alabama game….yours truly won a nice Las Vegas bet.  Last June I placed a bet in Vegas that Clemson would win the National Championship.  I am smiling big!  Now I need to win the Publishers Clearing House $5,000. a week for life prize.  Like I said…I know miracles happen.

All the animals are fine.  Chico seems to have aged more this past year.  The vet says bigger dogs usually start slowing down around 10 to 12 years.  We are working on keeping him trim since he doesn’t run after the rabbits and squirrels like he used to.  Cleopatra is full of it!  She is a mind challenge for sure.  It’s crazy when you are trying to out think your cat.  Some one once said…”When God made dogs He just sat back and smiled…I’m wondering what He thought when He made the cat”?  Probably , how can I mess with the human brain and entertain them at the same time?   The horses are still wearing their winter coats and still roam with the critters in the horse field.

Got to spend time with grandson Kaden during Christmas.  Finally!  I hated being sick over Thanksgiving and not being able to hold him.  He is quite a handful… as all boys should be.  I hope I can see him again soon.  As I tell my son…the old saying…If mama ain’t happy…no ones happy but if grandma ain’t happy …RUN!  I can’t wait to spoil him and then return him to sender!

I would like to thank David and Sharon Hendrickson of Alberta, Canada for their generous contribution to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Dr. Bevers, MD Anderson, and myself greatly appreciate your donation.  Together we will kind a cure to this horrible disease.  God bless you.

Prayers out to Terri who is battling breast cancer, and to all that lost a loved one in 2016.  I hope and pray for the healing of body and minds as we take on a new year.  Happy 2017 y’all!

Ride, Baby,Ride!
Love and hugs!


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