Back To Work!

After being off over two weeks….it was actually felt good to get back to work.  After the health scare and hospital stay, Lani arrived from South Carolina.  We had a blast.  Daughter two…Amy….and I picked her up from the airport.  We sat in the Pappas bar in the terminal where we could wait and have a beverage waiting for her to land and get her luggage.  As she rounded the corner …the party began!  We drove back to Navasota where we met friends and had a wonderful visit.  Went over lots of details for Lani and TJ’s wedding in March.  Next few days she spent in Katy with her dad and visited her brothers.  Lani got her hair cut…nails done…and as any good daughter took her dad shopping and came back with quite a loot.  Needless to say, I taught her well.  On Wednesday, Lani and I went to have Chinese food with her brothers and my grandson Kaden.  Kaden and I shared my won ton soup…which he absolutely went nuts over.  Teething soup was about the extent of his Chinese experience.  Then Lani and I hit Charmin Charlie’s …..hiding credit card receipts from Bill’s curious eyes.  Thursday was our annual GNO to the Alley Theater to see “A Christmas Carol”.  Amy, Lani, and me.  And of course an Alley Theater visit is not complete without dining at Birraporetti’s.  Bar tenders Domingo and Roberto took great care of us …as usual.  TJ came in on Friday and the gang left for Galveston.  TJ and Lani took engagement pictures on the beach that turned out beautiful.  Thank you cousin Beckye for letting the gang use your beach house.  They had a great time.  On Monday I took TJ and Lani to the airport and said our goodbyes… which is always a tear jerk-er.

So…this week it was back to work on Tuesday.  All was good.  I really was glad to see all my friends and get back in the swing of things.  Need to make a little money to pay for all the shenanigans that Lani, Amy, and I pulled during the week.  Life is good….then you PAY!!!!

Sending prayers out to several … Dr. Max Brand and wife Sheila have asked for prayers for their friend Mark who was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Polly has asked for prayers for Darrel who had leg surgery due to a bad infection. And my good friend Ann Wilson James who is battling shingles…ugh!   Several have requested prayer warriors help and want to remain anonymous .  Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.  Major group hug!

God bless you all.

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