A Close Call

To all my family and dear friends.  God issued me another challenge over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Monday evening I was sitting in my recliner with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese, fruit, and crackers.  As I got up I doubled over in pain.  One minute perfectly fine…next minute the worse I ever felt in my life.  And that includes my head on collision with ovarian cancer.  Every hour on the hour I was vomiting pure green bile.  No diarrhea….no gas.  Could not use my bowels at all.  Went to emergency room early Tuesday morning.  Told nurse I thought maybe food poisoning but had no idea what I could have eaten that would have made me so sick.  Was admitted and had a CT scan done immediately.  It showed partial blockage of lower bowel.  Or at least that is what I was told.  I was put on total bowel rest for three days.  So while y’all were eating turkey I had a hydrating IV.  Nothing by mouth.  Not even ice cubes.  On Thursday…Thanksgiving I was sent to x-ray for a x-ray video of my abdomen.  This procedure took six hours.  It involved drinking some contrast that tasted like burnt Mountain Dew.  But…that burnt Mountain Dew forced whatever was happening inside of me to start functioning again.  I have never welcomed a poop so much in my life.  And once I started …I couldn’t stop.  I begged them to release me on Friday ..due to the fact that I had a Butterball turkey in the fridge thawing out that had to be cooked that day.  I was released on the promise that I would stay on the liquid diet they put me on Thursday after the x-ray.  So I was on a liquid diet until Monday morning when I was switched to soft-mushy diet.  Everything from soup to mashed potatoes went into the smoothie blender.   As of today I am OK to start a normal diet.  Dr. Bevers has been in constant touch with me and has guided me in all my decisions.  I will follow up with him next week and he has ordered another CT scan just to ease his mind and of course my mind as well.  He is not totally convinced that their was a blockage of scar tissue or if there was where did it go?  He said there is a condition were the bowels get paralyzed.  They actually freeze up.  Numb!  No one knows what causes it but it is common in people who have had abdominal surgeries.  So we will find more out next week.

So, I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and had loving moments with family and friends.  It is very lonesome to be in the hospital during a holiday.  I thought of the poor kids that are battling horrible obstacles, against all odds.  I am incredibly fortunate to be here and have the love and support of my family and friends.  God bless you all.  May all your Christmas prayers be answered.


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