Still Here!

Thank you for being patient.  It has been a mixture of many side tracking events.  Bill and I just got back from a week in Vegas.  Thank you Amy once again for House sitting, all the yard work on the property and loving on all our babies.  We had a wonderful time.  Was able to mingle with many, add new friends and sold books.  Attended a Caesar’s Entertainment event …A Halloween Bash.  It was on top the LINQ Hotel and over looked all of Vegas.  It was just beautiful.  All the costumes were incredible. They had “The Donald” …Hilary in handcuffs….the exorcist priest  with the possessed girl in a bed….Mr. Monopoly….Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf…..and so on.  People really went all out to win the grand prize of $10,000.00.  One of the bartenders was dressed up as the Tin Man.  He asked me if I’d like to see his oil can…..I told him that not this trip….OMG!

Returning to work after a week off is always a pain in the ass.  But made it through the first week back.  In the meantime…Daughter two…Amy had a hysterectomy on Friday…and is doing well.   Times sure have changed since I had my tubes tied after the birth of Dusty.  Now they just suck everything out in one quick swoop.  Stitch up the inside through a tiny hole and glue the outside.  Of course my removal of ‘the stuff’ came with the removal of the tumor and blood transfusions.  It is so hard to believe that this January will be seven years.  It is all the support and your prayers that have kept me going.  And for that, I am so grateful.

Getting all the decorations out for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.  Put up the Halloween props and making room for the Christmas tree.  I want everything ready when Lani comes in to visit the first part of December.  I pray they move back to Texas soon.  She and TJ are getting things lined up for their up coming wedding.  Taking pictures etc…and all the bridesmaids are coming over for a girls night.  So, she will be fitting many things in for the short week she is here.  Doesn’t anyone elope any more?  I thought things were expensive back in the day.  This is insane!

Lani called me the other morning and said that TJ had offered to put the food up, clean the dishes and do the laundry so Lani could go to bed early.  The next morning Lani finds the entire crock pot ….bottom, electric cord and “all” in the fridge.  I was laughing my ass off.  At least he tried….right?  LOL!!!!!  A picture is worth a thousand words.  This marriage ought to be entertaining.

Hope everyone has a wonderful November.  Tomorrow we will have a new president.  I pray our nation stays safe with whomever wins.  Bill and I plan on voting tomorrow morning.  I think everyone knows who we are voting for.  We have not made it a secret.  Please God…let there be PEACE!   And prayers out to my friend Lindsay…..My sis-in-law Libby for a speedy recovery from her surgery…..Daughter Two, Amy for speedy recovery….and my brother D, to resolve the issues with the pain in his hands.  God Bless!

Love and hugs!


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