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I was up for an eventful day…. so…I thought I would write a Thursday Update.  Before I really get started, I’d like to thank everyone who was concerned about Lani being in South Carolina with “Matthew” visiting the east coast.  Lani and TJ are fine.  They did lose power a couple of times and tolerated the wind and rain.  They called me at 5AM the morning it hit and Lani was cooking bacon by sterno.  TJ had teased her about buying sterno saying they would never have to use it.  It took 30 minutes to cook bacon but her point was made!  Like mother…like daughter.  Our idea of camping is the Holiday Inn and maybe black and white TV.  South Carolina was hit and poor North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia were battered.  We pray for all of those who lost their lives or a loved one during the storm.

In the meantime Leilani’s ass was out helping Bill fire up our new generator.  We fire it up once a week to keep it ready to go in case of an emergency.  So, Bill was connecting the battery and asked for some help.  Would I please hold the nut at the back of the connector so to tighten the cable to the post.  Sure….!@#$%^&*()_+!  I’m holding the pliers and I swat at a fly that is determined he is going to fly up my nose and the pliers accidentally touch the other post and the world blows up in front of me.  One good thing out of it is the fly got the hell out of Dodge.  Nothing happened…as Bill snickered and said I couldn’t get shocked….but with sparks flying right before my eyes, I found it NOT amusing!  Next thing I know Bill is firing it up and all of a sudden I hear nothing…silence….too quiet.  Bill walks in with the cord that you plug into the battery to keep it charged and a part of it is completely melted.  Bill…you won’t believe this.  Leilani…try me.  Bill…when I started the generator up I forgot the cord was attached and it was sitting against the exhaust.  Leilani…not amused again!

Then, at work.  One of fellow employees got appointed utility person for the day because some one didn’t show up.  He came around a corner with the most unbelievable look on his face.   One of the managers and I were standing there talking as this kid walks up.  He said that we had a dick sprinkler in the store.  He said you know those sprinklers that go choo choo choo then return sweeping the other way…well we have a dick sprinkler in the store.  The manager and I were bent over laughing so hard.  I had never quite heard it put that way.  Hilarious!!!! 

Getting my haircut tomorrow.  A much needed haircut I might add.  So going over to my buddy Velma’s house for a cut and then lunch and drinks.  It’s always a fun day together.  Notice she cuts my hair before the wine bottle opens.  I always thought, to try it wine first would be an adventure.  We may have to do that one of these days.

So many birthdays in October.  So happy birthday to all my friends born this month.  I noticed on Facebook there were like four or five on October 23RD.  And then of course Halloween is right around the corner.  So be prepared for the day after Halloween…here comes all the Christmas ads.  Hard to believe we have made a complete cycle of the holidays again.

Love and prayers for you all.  Have a wonderful weekend.


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