Oh Wow…It’s Fall!

Hard to believe fall is actually here and the holidays are right around the corner.  I have Bill busy getting fall decorations out of the shed.  Which is actually killing two birds with one stone.  He is out of my hair and helping out at the same time.  Halloween stuff is out and “turkey time” is on standby.  Good friend Amy spent the weekend with us and helped out with a lot of small chores.  Bill went to bed early and Amy and I stayed up quite late drinking wine and solving world problems ..of course.  I once heard a quote…”I woke up hungover to the sound of my neighbors lawnmower …I figured he’ll just have to mow around me because I’m not moving”!!!!  That is about how we felt the next morning.

We are looking forward to several fall trips we have planned.  A trip to Vegas and several more local getaways to sell books.  Trying to fit in fun vacations while we are still healthy enough to enjoy them.  I told bill that with this last birthday of his…he turned 76…that I need to look into a walker with an airbag and an ice chest for his beer.  I guess we both thought growing older would take a little bit longer. 

Decided to be a witch for Halloween.  I already own a broom…just need to figure out how to fly it.  I have a black cat….Cleopatra is ready to go partying.  And, I have an awesome pumpkin that will light up at the same time I get LIT!!!!   What a plan!  Bill puts on his Elvis costume….”the KING” he’s not but he is my Prince….only can’t hear.  Did Prince Charming wear hearing aids? 

Prayers are needed for my friend Gwen who is fighting the return of her ovarian cancer.  She is strong and I’m sure will beat this once more under Dr. Bevers care.   Haley, who is having a heck of a time with migraines at the tender age of sixteen.  Pray that her neurologist appointment goes well tomorrow.  For my sis-in-law Libby, who is getting ready for surgery to remove an unwanted cyst and bladder lift.  (It’s hell to get old”).  And my daughter Lani who is fighting a kidney infection.  She works for a group of doctors so she is in good hands.  And …as always my prayers to all of you…may God bless you.

Love and Hugs


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