All In The Timing

I know….where the hell have I been?   As they say, it’s all in the timing.  And Bill and I have been trying to time everything out so as not to kill ourselves in the process.  So much has been going on.  From personal fun trips to business meetings and even a gala added in.  And….as always, I was devastated having to take my Jeep in to have the air conditioner fixed.  Which took two weeks due to waiting on parts and a mechanic that was involved in a car wreck.  We have been sharing the pick-up and I hate parking that thing.

Bill and I took a trip to Bossier City for business and pleasure.  It is always fun to meet and talk to people about my books and hear their stories about their adversities.  On our return I visited my dentist for an overhaul of a fifty year old filling that needed to be replaced.  At least I got my moneys worth with the old one.  Spent the Sunday of the 18TH with old friends at Gerrard and Patty’s house for the Texan game.  Then on Friday, Bill and I were honored to be invited to the Big Brother Big Sister Gala at the Omni Hotel in Houston.  We participated in the silent action and came away with a Texas A&M football signed by Coach Kevin Sumlin.   In every instance I feel so lucky that I have friends that make it so hard to say goodbye.  To me… that is truly loving life and thanking God everyday for the love and friendship He has managed to put in my path.  As some old philosophy fart once said….”You don’t spell love ….you feel it”!

Yesterday Bill and I insulated the generator house to make sure our new generator doesn’t rust.  It was quite a project but didn’t take as long as I had anticipated.  A building project with Bill is an experience in itself.  It took everything I had to keep from aiming the staple gun at think backseat drivers are bad …try a backseat builder!  The future is just as busy.  So many things and so little time.  Pastor Max is coming over today with his tractor to remove a fallen tree from our yard.  (Leftover from the May storm).  Also, need to put aside time to burn a bunch of twigs and limbs and to blow the fallen leaves from the front deck.  Throw in a couple of social engagements and events and we will be through the month of October.  Wow…then we are looking at the holidays.  Eight weeks until Thanksgiving and thirteen weeks till Christmas.  Has anyone started shopping?

I’m calling on the prayer warriors for several prayer request.  My sis-in-law Libby will be having surgery the first part of November and dear friend Amy’s daughter, Haley, is recovering from heat stroke and dehydration.  Haley is sixteen and very active in school activities.  She is a sports trainer for the football team and in the choir.  As most kids…pulling herself all ways and not taking care of her own body.  And for all of you who are facing some of lifes little throw backs …I will keep you in my prayers.  Love…hugs…and smooches!


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