We’re Back!

It has been an exciting three weeks.  Many things done …many things accomplished.  Lani came in and left.  Had my port flushed.  Worked non stop for the week before we left town and headed for Atlanta on August 19TH.  For those of you who have never had the privilege of flying into Atlanta…don’t!  You think Houston airports are bad….you think Houston traffic is bad….Atlanta is a nightmare!  But we finally made it out of Atlanta in our rent car and headed for Cherokee, NC where we spent the weekend with Lani and TJ.  We had a blast.  We left Monday the 22ND and followed Lani and TJ back to Columbia, SC. (their home) and stayed with them in their new house until Wednesday.  Had breakfast Wednesday morning and got in our rent car and headed for good ole Atlanta to fly back to Houston.  It took us longer to drive from the airport to Navasota than it did the 2 hour jaunt from Atlanta.  But all in all a great time.  Then it was back to work and into the old grind.  We met many new friends and ran into old ones.

We just bought a new generator since our old one went to the generator graveyard.  We had it since 2006 and used it through several hurricanes.  But when we moved to Navasota we neglected it.  Not starting it once a week to keep the juices flowing was a big mistake.  Sooooo, we are now proud owners of Gen2.   It will at least keep Bill’s ass busy once a week.  We started talking about it when we woke up yesterday morning to the sight of three storms in the Atlantic and two in the Pacific.  I don’t do well with camping out without plumbing and fresh water.  My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn. 

Well, got to get to work.  More later.  Have a great week and be safe.

Ride, Baby, Ride!

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