Loving Life!

What a wonderful weekend.  Dusty and Amy came over Friday and spent the afternoon.  And of course brought little Kaden.  And as requested… Mamie made spaghetti.  Kaden turned 5 weeks and has grown so much.  At last check-up had grown an inch and a half and gained a couple of pounds.  Oh…and of course, looks like his Mamie!

Lani arrived Friday night late.  Stayed at her dad’s house and got to spend Friday night and Saturday with Kaden.  Aunt Lani or better known in the circle as Aunt LaLa….held him so much that she went back to South Carolina with a sore arm.  But Sunday, her friend Amy (not Kaden’s mom but her long time friend Amy, my long time friend Velma and myself) hung out at Pappasitos all day.  Not to mention we were all wearing our Auntie Mame T-shirts.  (Remember…”life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”)!  We picked Lani up in Katy..went to see Casey and Jennifer’s new home…and got to Pappasitos at 11… and stayed until 4.  Specials on drinks didn’t hurt the wallet but made one’s Monday at little hard to handle.  I have never laughed so much in my life.  Thank you to bartender friends Andrew, Bryan, and Pete for a great time.  They are one reason why Pappasitos is one of our favorite hangouts.  At 4, Amy and I drove Lani to the airport to catch a 7:30 flight.  We sat there at the corner Shell station to waste some time and drink a few last toasts before her departure.  Her leaving was bitter sweet.  The only thing that kept me from getting emotional is the fact that it won’t be long before Bill and I will be visiting with her and TJ.  So looking forward to that trip. 

Had my port flushed yesterday.  Somewhere, in the day before, I gained a pound or two.  I made sure to text the girls and thank them for the extra poundage!  With Pappasitos food..all the alcohol….and did I mention all the alcohol, I’m surprised it wasn’t more.  Amy said that it would have been four pounds but I had laughed the other two or so pounds off.  Good point.   While in town Bill and I ran a few errands.  Needed oil and filter change, some pants hemmed by tailor/seamstress extraordinaire, Mary, Target for a couple of items, and bank deposits.  Had a nice lunch and drove to Casey and Jennifer’s new home so Bill could get a tour. Then returned home around 4 to feed the animals.  Back to work today.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Stay cool!!!!!  Prayers out to my friends Chris and Jennifer and family on the loss of his father.  God has him in His arms and he is in Paradise.


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