Closet Dreams

The other day I found myself in my closet staring at my clothes… which I call “clothes surfing” and thinking all kinds of thoughts.  Lani called me a short time later and she said,” I was thinking about you mom.  I was just standing there in my closet and thinking all kinds of things.  What I’m going to bring to Houston for my week-end visit, the clothes we bought when we were together…recently and back in the day when I was a kid.  It was like being in a dream, reminiscing”.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was like we were doing the same thing at the same time.   I had been looking at an old photo 18×24 that my parents had taken of me and had matted in a beautiful frame.  The beautiful dress that they had dressed me in for that picture in 1953.  The clothes that my mom used to buy me when she modeled for Sakowitz and at times when I modeled with her.  But the thoughts were like dreaming of old times…old wonderful times and then just as quickly…back to the present and the clothes I plan on taking later this month to South Carolina to see Lani.  Sometimes I thing God slips little precious pieces of love and “mind pictures”…to keep our loved ones close to us.  Both the departed and those still here.  So… now… when I want to remember the little things in life that I cherished both in the past and the memories of things just captured in my mind, I just go in my closet and DREAM!

Bill has been working hard outside cutting up tree limbs and clearing brush that fell during the big rains several months ago.  Got the insurance money to repair the downed fences and have huge pine trees cleared.  He comes in soaking wet.  So I have developed a system…just like for the kids when they would come in from a day outside and played in only God knows what and smelt the same way!  First…jump in swimming pool and rinse …then stop in laundry room.  Strip down and dry off.  Fresh clothes waiting on hook.  Deposit wet clothes in basket by washer.  Then proceed into the normal living space to re-hydrate on Gatorade.  It is so funny how time travels in circles.  As I remember doing the same thing growing up. Only mom or the maid would douse us with the water hose.  Now, there’s a blast from the past…Maybe I should do that technique on Bill!  Over and over…dirty blue-jeans are here to stay!  And that for some reason reminds me of Neil Diamond’s song “Forever In Blue-jeans”!

Still enjoying work and meeting new people. I have sold several books and am looking forward to our trip to South Carolina to reacquaint myself with friends that I met on previous visits and book speeches.  I hope all of you are enjoying these last lazy days of summer.  I am ready for a breezy fall and all the beautiful colors it brings.  So blessings my friends and if you need some wonderful quiet time to yourself…Closet Dream!!!!


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