The Breakfast Club

Before I get started today, I just want to thank you for all the prayers.  My prayer warriors came through once more and I received an excellent blood work report.  CA 125 was 3.4.  So excited for that news and the great news about my colonoscopy last week.  I will do a follow-up with Dr. Bevers tomorrow.  Thanks for your continued support.

Feeling extra love from the Heavens today.  July 26TH was my mom’s birthday.  Leila would have been 100 today!  And the amazing thing about all of this is that the family has been feeling her presence more than usual.  Dusty said even little Kaden is looking around like he is communicating with someone.  I always feel her, smell her, or even see a movement out of nowhere.  And…no…it’s not after a few wines!  My mom loved all animals and I just know she had something to do with the showing up of Cleopatra!  Mark my words.  It’s her satisfaction that I was not a kitty fan as a kid.  Loved dogs but always got mad at cats for killing birds.

I have decided that all the animals on the Hurles acreage have formed a “breakfast club”.  As of this morning…backyard only …there were 10 squirrels, about 20 cardinals, other bird varieties, and several rabbits.  The front feeder sports about the same but more rabbits.  Last night on my way out to feed the critters …Oscar, my grouchy raccoon friend was eating what everyone else left on the ground during the day.  So, he followed me to the fence and waited for all the leftovers.  Still growling at the others like he owns the place.  I have to throw him something first so he won’t growl at the foxes.  His friend…which I haven’t named yet…grabs something and runs… as not to hear the crap from Oscar. Definitely the bully on the block.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  We are almost through with July and can’t believe it is almost August.  Time isn’t just flying it is going at space rocket speed.  I saw where school starts around here on August 22ND.  Looking forward to that to get all the little hoodlums off the streets and back in school.  Poor teachers…I’m sure they are thrilled.  Take care and thanks again for your prayers and unending support.


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