Here Comes The Judge!

Jury Duty!!!!  What a wonderful experience.  And, of course, out of 31 people called yesterday morning…six jurors were picked for a criminal assault case.  And, of course, Leilani was picked as juror # 5.  Thank goodness we reached a verdict at 5:30 PM so we could go home and not have to return.  Always interesting to perform your civic duty.  And I always get picked.  What do I look like?  A pushover for the defense or a rock hard asshole for the prosecution.  Anyway, when dad was alive I used to get out of duty because I was taking care of him.  Now, not being 70 yet…and no other excuses…I’m courthouse bound.   Although it was quite an experience.  It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be.  And the things they do… due to bad decisions and bad tempers. 

Now…the great news.  I had my colonoscopy on Monday.  No polyps, no cancer, and a squeaky clean colon.  Of course the prep the day before sucked!  Finally finished pooping at 3AM.  And had to leave for the hospital at 5AM.  Not much sleep there.  But I had a “nice flight” while I was out.  In this modern day and time there has to be a better, easier, and better tasting way to prep for this crap!  Literally! The only sunny side of the whole process is the loss of a few pounds.

 Grandson Kaden continues to grow and just gets cuter each day.  Every morning Dusty texts me pictures to start my day with a smile and warm heart.   I bought some cute frames for the pics I have and I know the house will run out of room soon.  

Well, after three days off from work….I head back today.   so, have a great hump day and enjoy the rest of your week.  Love and hugs my friends.


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