Equator Experience!

I have been visiting Quito, Ecuador this past week.  No, not literally but the replica of it in the form of Magoo’s domain.  I walk in the house and drop to my knees of heat stroke.  His dachshund Lilly was camped out on the porch which should have been a huge hint that the weather inside was not it’s usual comfy self.  If Lilly leaves her life of luxury (except to go to the bathroom)  something is up.  Like in this case…the temperature!  As I started to enter she starts barking at me…DON”T GO IN THERE!  The city on the equator had nothing on Magoo.  And the man is in his recliner watching TV in his famous 1920’s bathrobe drinking a Dr. Pepper.  Dad…aren’t you a little warm?  Ahhh, yes…it is getting a little warm in here.  OMG, a herd of camels would be searching for water, the heat gods would move to Alaska, the potted plants were on their last root and sweat beads were forming on the fridge.  Where the hell is the oasis?  I am almost afraid to see the electric bill next month.  Donations are being excepted and we are searching for a foster home for Magoo!

Visited my favorite dentist and his harem last Thursday.  Dr. Kaestner and girls had the honor of fixing my chipped tooth.  Don’t ask me how it was chipped..I don’t know.  The “chipping bandit” did it while I wasn’t looking.  So handsome Dr. K.  got to repair the damage.  I walked in sat in the chair and preceeded to spread my legs.  With his wonderful sense of humor he laughed and said ” I work on the other end, dear”.  Oh yeah, I forgot…I’m so used to who-who exams…..habit!  I’m sure he is thrilled that I am returning today with Lani.  She has a teeth cleaning appointment.  Hugs to Roger and gang for always making us feel so special.

The Halloween hayride visited the house on Saturday evening.  Led by the Fulshear Fire Dept., the kids had a safe,fun, and candy rewarding hayride.  Our neighborhood is so lucky to have this special event for the kids.  Bill did not have to dress up this year to scare the crap out of them.  He had his scar from his skin cancer surgery to amuse them.  Actually it’s looking quit well.  Getting rid of the Frankenstein appearance.  Our daughter-in-law Jennifer and grand-kids, Karleigh and Braden, joined us for the day to watch football and hand out the goodies.   Braden, helped Bill with all the outdoor chores.   Mowing, weed-eating, and all the stuff that goes with 5 acres gets a little difficult for us old guys sometimes and the help is always welcome. 

Do you remember what it was like to have to go to the doctor when you were young?  Did’t want to get that shot.  Cried when you found out that that is where you were headed.  Mom tricked us into getting into the car…locked us in so there was no escape…and worst of all bribed us with going out to lunch and candy.  Well, I remember doing it to my kids too.  And yesterday I got to do it again with my 33 year old daughter.  Yes…Lani.  I had to go to Kroger to pick up dad’s pills and grocery shop.  Asked her to come along to help out.  When I went to pick up Magoo’s “medicine cabinet”, I informed her we were going to get our flu shots.  Lani is the biggest coward when it comes to needles.  Actually, in the past she has passed out.  But our pharmacist Steve H. is my hero.  And gives great injections.  I didn’t even feel it.  Lani started sweating the minute the word shot came out.  She is fine now.  A few beers helped relieve the emotional strain.  We have elevated from promising candy to promising alcohol.  What is this world coming to?

We have a red shouldered hawk family that resides somewhere on or near our property.  Every morning they are scavenging the area for goodies.  Field mice beware!  And they can rid the acreage of all the snakes they want. UGH!  It is so neat to see them on their mission.  Determined and strong.  I warned Lilly of the threat….She may want to camp out near the doggy door on equator days in the casa, to avoid an encounter.  I have seen those birds with some pretty large cargo in their possession.  Their talons are huge!

Have been reading a book written by the parents of Colton Burpo.  They also wrote “Heaven is for Real”.  In it they talk about what I have said throughout “Ride,Baby,Ride!”…….There are NO coincidences.  Nothing happens by chance.  Todd and Sonja Burpo write in their new book “Heaven Changes Everything”, which reiterated this fact, and called it “God-cidents”.  Great word to replace coincidence.  So my friends… God put you in my life for a reason and I know that is so special to me.  This is a special gift God has sent us and it’s no coincidence!


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