History Repeats Itself!

Always afraid that history would repeat itself in certain stupid things I’ve done…I am very careful to try to remember stuff that seems to float away and keep focused on important issues.  Well, I’ve gone and done it!  The chemo fog cannot be blamed for this one.  That is unless chemo meds stay in the system and hide and then pop out every now and then.  Once a week I give in to misery and shave Magoo.  This is never a pleasant task.  There are so many factors to consider.  First of all…if I nick him in any way…he will bleed forever.  Plavix kicks in and it is a disaster.  Then I have to put up with his regiment of feeling every spot on his face to make sure I didn’t miss one whisker.  Then it’s the bathroom visit always in the middle of the shave to prolong the time that I am in misery.  And on and on!  So…..I am pulling what little hair I have out in my haste to depart.  I cleaned up our mess and went home.  Only to find the next day that I had deposited the shaving cream can in the fridge.  Next to the apple juice.  (Deja Vu…remember the time I couldn’t find the ringing telephone in “Ride,Baby,Ride” after a chemo session, and found it the fridge)?  Lani was laughing so hard.  She thought that Magoo’s house had gone from equator status to igloo status.  Being discreet, I put the shaving cream can by Bill’s shaving stuff.  I really thought he had already shaved that morning (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).  I am fixing breakfast and I hear this spew of words that a sailor in a whore house wouldn’t use.  I ran! Fast!  Bill came barreling in the kitchen with icicles hanging from his face.  I just chalked it up to somehow he deserved that.   Or will do something that he will deserve it. 

And he did!!!!  I need to mention that we need to keep all sharp objects, and ladders away from Bill.  I am on the phone with my neighbor and I hear the spew of words again.  I know this time is was nothing I’ve done…I think.  I mean he is outside on the front veranda, doing the “honey do”, decorating for the Halloween hay-riders. Bill walks in with a bleeding head.  Are you ready?  He forgot that the ceiling fans were on, climbed up the ladder and got his head tangled in one.  He is fine.  No stitches needed.  My neighbor and I decided that men need supervision no matter what they are doing!  Of course, I’m good, unless I’m storing things! 

I ran into a health tip that I thought might be helpful.  I was reading about the problems that go along with cancer.  Many cancer patients report fatigue.  And I totally understand that.  Especially after chemo.  Ginseng seems to be very helpful.  It is reported that people reported a great difference in feeling less tired.  2,000 milligrams of pure ground ginseng root daily seemed to be the key.  I know ginseng is also helpful for memory lapses.  And so is lecithin.  The reason I bring this up is I will be downing both of these.  Maybe that way, one day,  I won’t find Bill’s ass stuffed in the refrigerator!

Very proud of my Texans.  Went to the game yesterday with Bill, Lani and daughter-in-law Jennifer.  Had a blast.  Thanks to sis-in-law Libby for Magoo sitting.  It was heartwarming in that the Texans were honoring veterans.  President George H. W. Bush was there to perform the coin toss.  He is getting to the point where he needs help to walk but he still has that wonderful smile and determination that I always loved about him.  Challenger, the awesome bald eagle, flew around the stadium during the National Anthem and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.  It was beautiful! 

Entering into November brings a great feeling of love for me.  I love the holidays and I look forward to them each year.  Cooking, the wonderful smells, family,  going to plays with Lani (it’s our girl thing together each holiday season) and yes, even starting my Christmas shopping.  I guess I feel so blessed to have the 3 extra Christmas seasons that God has given me.   


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