Under The Sheets Happenings

Starting out today with great news.  Bill got his stitches removed and test results show that Dr. Ahern got all of the melanoma.  The incision looks fantastic.  Dr. Ahern is a cosmetic genius.  The other spot on his ear is healing nicely as well.  My CA 125 came back a 4.  It in fact went down from last time (depends on the calibration).  To make the trifecta complete…the pelvic and rectal exams showed nothing.  So all clear for another 3 months.  So all results from under the sheets are great!  Dr. Bevers wasn’t even shocked when I didn’t even wear the hospital gown.  I just threw the sheet over me.  He would just go under the gown.  He said nothing I do shocks him anyway.  Wonder what he meant by that?  I think next time I’ll surprise him with crotchless panties!  Wouldn’t have to remove those except it would have to have another entrance for the rectal exam…never mind, not worth the effort!  Have my port flushed out today.  So I’ll get to visit with my St. Luke’s girls that I miss so much.

Last night I attended a function for the Big Brother Big Sister organization.  Ladies from all over the Houston area attended.  CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, Vice- Presidents and so and so forth from all the major oil and gas companies, major banks, private businesses, etc.  were there to give support to BBBS.  As a member of the founding family, I would like to thank BBBS for inviting me to such a wonderful gathering.  I know by all the out going and dedicated people that I met, BBBS will be honored to have them join us in our mission to help all youngsters that need some guidance in their lives.  Whether it be partnerships, volunteer as a Big Sister, or a donation….all will help in our goal to navigate youth in the right direction.  A special thanks to Laura for opening her beautiful home (of which the wine cellar and the life sized bronze statue of Louie Armstrong playing his trumpet were my favorite things) and to Mary who coed the event.  You are both very special ladies!

Also this week Bill and I attended a luncheon and picture session at Minute Maid Park for the BBBS.  Channel 2’s Khambrel Marshall (also BBBS Houston Advisory Board Chair) was in charge of the emcee department.  Khambrel has been a wonderful mentor for BBBS for many years and we really appreciate all he does.  And Pres. Ron…thanks for all you do.  Amazing turn out.

I have a new project for this weekend.  Since Lani and I are working on our new book, I have decided to have a chapter on the making of great cocktails.  So if you have any ” blow your underwear off”  cocktail recipes let us know.  I have about 10 so far.  I mean several of them would have you running down I 10 naked, trying to find your underwear after they blew off!

Still collecting Charley Horse stories.  The ones people have sent are hilarious.  That will be featured in the Monday update.  There is one story about a spouse that experienced one and he sleeps naked.  I almost fell off my chair.  Just something to look forward to.


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