Charley Horse

No, not a story about a Native American.  A story about the excruciating leg pain, that seems to occur more often lately, invading my “dreamland” slumber time.  There is no describing this unwanted cramp.  I jumped up at 4AM doing an “anti” Charley Horse dance.  The dogs scattered as I flew off the bed, stomping the floor, crashing into dog pillows, a vase of flowers, oscillating fan, exercise equipment and spewing more cuss words than a sailor in a whore house!  And Bill calmly asks “Is anything wrong”?  Funeral service pending!  For those of you that have seen the right side of Bill’s face after his skin cancer surgery…well, he know has the left side to match.  Even Starr, our female black lab, looked at him and said “honestly you are like a 4 year old boy that shaves”!  Mom is going to kick your ass.  I visit Dr. Bevers on Thursday.  I will add the question of what type of deficiency causes Charley to visit. Has to be something I can add to my diet.  But it must go well with Merlot!

What about those Texans?  We had a great time watching the game.  Kids, grand-kids, and daughter-in-laws all game by for spaghetti and football.  Even Magoo stayed up till half time.  Bets were out as to how long he would hang in there.  I guess it will be Green Bay’s turn next week.  GO TEXANS!!!!!

Bill and I will be attending a Big Brother Big Sister luncheon today at Minute Maid Park.  It is always a pleasure to be around great people who give of their time and share it with the youth.  It gives so many children a boost… that need a little extra TLC.   My dad founded BBBS in Houston over 60 years ago and Bill and I love being just a little small part of what he created.  Thanks dad!

Has anyone ever had to put up with “not so intelligent” relatives?  (In-laws, outlaws, immediate, distant, and so on)
From all the questions I get from all of you, it seems like a topic that needs to be discussed.  Bill and I have them..everyone has them.  But don’t let it get to you.  Do what you think is right and worry about your own problems.  Some others think that they are the first one you should come to.  Remember…as Bill and I do… we are a team, we decide things together, what is best for us at the time.  Our need at times is privacy and others should respect that.  And to those who have asked…yes, some people are ignorant enough to call names and stir up crap… ignore it and go on.  Life throws curves and people deal with them in different ways.  Either they get over it and accept it…you know, like take off your diapers and quit pouting or smile and wish whoever is in need… prayers and hope.  Simple to most.   I hope this helps.  Our days are filled with knowing that we have each other and you .

If any of you have Charley Horse stories…send them to me.  Maybe we can get a few laughs out of “drop to the floor” pain!  I’ll let you know when I get my blood work and exam news back.  Bill gets his stitches out tomorrow.  So we will also get his lab results back at that time.  Hang in there everyone. 




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