The Explosion Heard Around the World!!

I really don’t where to begin.  I can only say I appreciate all the phone calls and e-mails trying to check on us.  The month of September was a nightmare when it came to our Internet service.  Living in the country has its advantages but it also has its setbacks.  One of them is Internet service.  Trying to improve our Internet, we changed from DSL with ATT to wireless with Verizon.  In the process saving $30. a month.  Only problem is that two towers were fighting over our signals which made it even slower than it was.  So being the wonder company that they are, Verizon and their wonderful customer service agent, Adrienne, refunded all our money, let us keep the equipment, and did not charge us a fee to discontinue service early.  Our cell phones are with them and we love it.  Then there was the matter of hooking back up with ATT.  The only other provider we can use in Fulshear Farms.  (Unless we went satellite).  Now ATT says we are no longer available for DSL …we have to go to U-Verse.  OK, fine.  We’ll get you all set up by Saturday.  That was Saturday Sept. 1ST.  Since then we have talked to 30 different people, supervisors included, and got absolutely nowhere.  Then a couple of weeks ago when someone was supposed to come out for the fifth time, we get a call that we can’t get U-verse in our area.  Now we don’t get U-verse and we can get DSL back because we have to have the new U-verse.  Now …do you see what we have been through.  I’m on the phone daily talking to idiots all over the world that have no clue what is going on.  I really don’t know how the company can be the largest communication company in the world when they can’t communicate.  One day I sat down with a glass of wine (I knew I’d be on the phone for a couple of hours) and tried again.  Got a tech supervisor in The Philippines!  I BLEW UP!!!!  I even had the F-bombs flying.  So they had someone test the wires from somewhere.  They left the phone wires disconnected!  So we had no land-line for 2 days.  I could go on and on.  ATT sent us 6 surveys to ask us how they did.  Get this… they sent them on the Internet…which we don’t have.  Now who was the Rhode Scholar that thought of that?    Anyway, we got it back yesterday evening.  Good thing, I was starting to go crazy…well, more than I already am.  I was counting George Strait’s instead of sheep.  Although not a bad thing.  Those cute Wrangler buns clearing the fence.

Our Vegas trip was a great getaway for us.  We had such a good time.  Bill won handsomely in 3 card poker and I nailed a $450. win playing Keno.  Saw many old friends.  Lenny and the Keno girls, Kevin in sports-book, and Bridget and Darren at Spago (an amazing Wolfgang Puck Grille).  We got to meet and take pictures with “Big Elvis” (Pete Vallee) whom God has blessed with a beautiful voice that sounds just like the real Elvis.  We also went to see the Donny and Marie Show which was fantastic.  So for a couple of old toots, we had a blast! 

Bill is recovering nicely from his melanoma surgery.  He had surgery on Thursday and we are nursing his 3″ incision on his face.  Lab results should be back on Monday.  Thank you to Dr. Ahern and his nurse Taryn, who is taking such good care of him.   He also had a small carcinoma on his ear and that was scraped off.  As for me …blood work next week and pelvic exam with handsome Dr. Bevers.  Must keep giving the who-who attention.  And get my port cleaned by the St. Luke’s girls. 

The only other thing to report is we bought a new toilet seat for the master bath.  Very nice…a wooden oak look.  But it squeaks when you sit down.  If you move at all it squeaks.  People hear you from the other room…squeaks.  The dogs are annoyed…squeaks.  Now you spray both air freshener and WD-40.

Magoo is still hanging in there.  Never a dull moment with him.  Lani was in charge while we were in Vegas.  The minute we hit town she left for Wisconsin.  Do not blame her.  A week waiting on him feels closer to a month.  Had to put new skis on his walker when we got back.  Lani said he drove her nuts coming over here 10 times a day.  I have no idea where he gets his energy.  He has to have a power pack concealed somewhere in his body.

Anyway, glad to be back.  Lots of catching up to do.  Missed talking with everyone and hope all of you are well.  Special hug out to our daughter-in-law Michele who lost her grandfather.  I know how much she loved him.



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