Copperhead Chaos!

Hate them…absolutely hate them!  Only good one is a dead one-hate them!  And this one is DEAD!!!!!  We went to have dinner with our good friends Linda and David, Steve and Susan, and Steve’s girls at Collina’s.  Stopped by and had a glass of wine with my childhood friend Sharon and her hubby, then headed home to watch the end of the Bama football game.  As we were retiring for the evening…Leilani goes outside clad in her usual bedtime attire (which usually isn’t much…I know way TMI).   Anyway, sporting only a Texan t-shirt and undies, barefooted and headed for the outdoor fridge to get a couple of bottled waters, I open the back door and step through the doorway.  I was greeted by two beady eyes.  I jumped six feet and that probably saved me from a strike because it tried!  I’m jumping up and down at 10 PM on the back patio screaming SNAKE!  What does Bill do?  He passes by the kitchen window 3 times  piddling around and doesn’t even hear me.  The neighbors in the next time zone could but Bill of course does not have his hearing equipment in.  He has them in now …just not in his ears!  Lani comes running with her camera (she heard me) and we retrieved two shovels to attack.  Definitely a time for new underwear!  The copperhead was about 3 to 4 feet long, nasty,ugly,scary, and very disturbing on one’s bowels!  I guess he was looking for frogs because he was right under the door headed for the corner where our frog family lives.  Hope the little family is still in residence. Bill chopped it to bits…many pieces…and do you know that thing was still trying to bite.  Even dissected!   UGH!!!

Adding to the bedlam….Bill in all of his great decisions decides to let our 16 yr. old grandson borrow our chainsaw to eliminate some tree limbs from their driveway.  Bill, what were you thinking?  I guess grandmothers are more cautious about stuff, more common sense, and smarter comes to mind.  Of course all my questions were answered by “the LOOK”.  I get nervous when our 30 yr. old sons are using it.  Did you give him safety glasses?  Did you show him the emergency cut off?  Did you warn him how heavy it gets when holding it a long time over your head?  All answered the same way.  I even got the comment “I’m not stupid”.  So we get a call that Braden was now the proud owner of 5 stitches in his leg!  And who went ballistic about it? Bill!  All I did was smirk, sitting in my recliner with my “victory lap” smile.  No Bill…I don’t think you’re stupid.  OMG!  Man for sale.  Slightly used but has a brand new heart!

Several things to pass on to you.  September is ovarian cancer month.  And our color is teal.  And what a beautiful color it is.  Please wear it this month and pray for all our sisters who need a cure, and for those in the future who will find out the hard way about it.  One of Bill’s rehab nurses, Carrie, gave me an article out of a magazine showing that Laura Mercier cosmetics will donate 100% of the profits of their sales this month to ovarian cancer research.  So please help find a cure.  Buy the hell out of her make-up.  To learn more, visit  And please remember to donate to the Leilani Essary Hurles ovarian Cancer Research Fund set up at MD Anderson.  Let me know if you need envelopes made especially for the fund.  Thank you to all who have already given so unselfishly.  Hugs!!!

Came across a list of foods that help fight bloating and especially the bloat feeling that comes with the many phases of cancer and it’s fun times…like chemo and steroid use.  Asparagus, cucumbers, watercress, artichokes, green tea, lots of fruit.. especially watermelon, fresh ginger and fresh lemons.  Of course a good probiotic is always helpful.  The partaking of the grape is said to be good for you as well.  Especially the red wines.  So…”SIP” into something really comfortable like a nice glass of 14 hands Merlot.  It’s one of my favorites. 

Wear the TEAL!

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