Bedtime Stories

Picture this…1:30 AM…not a creature was stirring except for Bill.  The man actually fell out of bed.  I mean rolled right off.  FOR REAL!  It was the loudest thud you have ever heard.  Then a bang.  Not only did he roll off the bed but hit his noggin on the way down.  After I made sure he was OK…I cracked up.  I have never seen that in my life.  Not even during the drunk’in college days.  It was like watching the 3 stooges.  Want to know what the difference between my Jeep and Bill is?   Bill doesn’t have roll bars!The dogs looked at me like ..Is he sleeping down here with us?  It’s a wonder Moochie wasn’t snoozing right by Bill.  He chose to honor me that night.  They like my side of the bed because they can see out the french doors and I have a multitude of fans blowing on me.  Then if that wasn’t enough excitement for the night.  The weather changed and a huge storm blows in.  The lab Starr has radar.  She picked that storm up 30 minutes before it hit.  She hates thunder.  The first crash of thunder sent her flying on the bed.  NO…sent her flying on top of me.  Now as we all know I try to accomidate when it comes to unforseen circumstances but I was now stuck between Ms. Scaredy-Cat and the bedroom parachuteer!  Life doesn’t get any better than this! 

Sometimes I feel torn about life and it’s opticals.  Like the characters in Mark Twain’s “Huckaberry Finn”.  Sometimes I feel like Huck.  Practical, mutual, good common sense, adaptable, and sympathetic.  Other times like his buddy Tom Sawyer. .. imaginative, a hopeless romantic and full of lifes values.  Then at times I feel like the last damn Cherrio in a bowl of cereal.  Soggy, dejected, but still floating!  That’s how I felt after the MRI.  Can’t imagine being one of Picasso’s women.  With multiple boobs.  Can you imagine what that MRI machine would look like?  Anyway, I called today because I still had not heard anything about the results.  All is well with the ta-ta’s.  Nothing bad showed up.  Now this is according to the lady I talked with on the phone because I was livid that I had not been contacted.  Anyway…headlights are still on and perkier that ever.  Well, for a woman of 61. 

Got to go get a haircut from son #1, Casey.  Well keep in touch if something else comes up.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  Hugs!!!

Ride, Baby,Ride!

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