Depend On It!

“These are the times that try men’s souls”…Thomas Paine wrote in his 1776 writing of “The American Crisis”. It was inspired by his passion for the American Revolution.  Ole Tom only had to worry and deal with a revolution…I have MAGOO!  These are the times that try Leilani’s soul.  I have officially been mooned by Magoo.  Believe me the bare bottomed sight of your father’s 98 year old ass is not the most appealing scenery I can think of.  He was having a bout with constipation.  Dad never wears a Depends except…when I double dose him with milk of magnesia  to shut him up.  He doesn’t let up when he can’t poop.  It drives every one crazy.  I went over to check on him and he dropped his pants and said “do I have these on correctly”?  OMG!!!!  They would have fit better if he had put them over his head!  So he bends over right in my face to sit on the bed.  I do not need to describe this sight.  You may not eat for a week.  I didn’t!  I am now the officer in charge of the proper way to install Depends.

Bill on the other hand has been a pretty good boy.  Getting stronger each day but still sleeps quite a bit.  But when he is up…I want to shoot him!!!!  He not only piddles…he roams the house and piddles.  Not only does he roam the house and piddles …he roams the house and piddles right where I need to be.  If I’m in the kitchen trying to cook or clean up ..there he is.  Right in my space where I can’t move.  Usually with his back to me…just staring out into space.   “Earth to Bill”!!!!  Move your butt!  Oh…I didn’t know you were there….HUH?

Also disturbing is that in the middle of one of huge thunderstorms we have had lately here in Houston..our pool pump blew up!  Literally.  I heard it and ran outside where the pool equipment is and the damn thing was smoking!  So I went and poured me a wine and watched it send smoke signals while I called the pool dude.  I really think the rain helped it not catch on fire.  Should be fixed today.  Hopefully..That’s one problem I don’t need added to my plate.  The pool is my refuge and it has to be available at a moments notice.  Ahhh! 

Lani flies in tonight.  Celebration!  I have truly missed her more than she will ever know but she so deserves the vacation.  She said she had a wonderful time and I’m sure it will be hard for her to get on that plane this evening to return home.   Maybe I’ll have a son-in-law soon.  A golf pro son-in-law.  Love you TJ! 

Want to remind everyone that there is a fundraiser/jewelry show this weekend.  Wine and goodies will be served.  There will be beautiful jewelry and I will be on hand to speak and sign my book.  Procedes will go to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Fund at MD Anderson. 
Here is the info:Saturday, July 21, 2012
2:30PM to 5:00PM
At the home of Tajana Mesic
28219 Carmel River Court
Fulshear, Texas 77441 (in Cross Creek Ranch off of FM1093)
get lost call 972-415-3017

I have a Dr. Bevers appointment tomorrow.  Always nervous about the CA125 test and the pelvic exam.  I pray that all is OK.  I have had some discomfort in the lower abdomen and hope it is only something minor.  I’m sure there will be a PET-scan soon.  Lani will be going with me since Bill is still sidelined.  I will inform everyone tomorrow on the results.  Just keep praying my friends. 

Have a wonderful week.  Hugs!


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