Great Party

Thank you to all who attended the jewelry fundraiser on Saturday.  Everyone had a great time.  Lots of wine and some hilarious photos taken.  Some pictures are posted on Facebook.  Seems my wig was the hit of the show.  I even had bald men trying it on.  FYI…clothing stayed on.  For those of you who bought jewelry from Tajana…she thanks you…for those that listened to my little speech on ovarian cancer and bought books….I thank you.  And for those that gave donations to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund…MD Anderson, Dr. Bevers, and I thank you very much!  And to my good friends David and Linda…thanks for coming so far to attend.  Dave you’re a real trooper to Bill and Magoo sit!  I’m sure the alcohol helped!!!

I took Bill out on his first OUT-OF-HOME excursion.  We drove to the bank, went to the post office, he bought his lottery tickets and we had lunch at Dekker’s.  Had the catfish and gumbo…it was delicious.  Bill actually stayed awake the whole time.  Crashed the minute we hit the door of the house.  And I hit the Merlot. was like babysitting.  I sit down with my wine and Magoo calls me over the intercom.  I go to the monitor and he is running around his house “buck naked”.  He was getting ready to take a shower and wanted me to make sure he had enough soap.  I told him if he didn’t have enough bar soap to use shampoo or toothpaste if you have to.  I’ll bring whatever he needs after he dresses.  Picture this…98…buck naked…walker…and I’m praying…please don’t bend over! 

I finished a really great book.  My friend and editor Tyler Tichelaar wrote it.  It’s titled “Spirit Of The North”…  and if you enjoy a talented author, an amazing story, and a few visits from spirits,  you will enjoy this book.  You can order it from his website or any book store.  ENJOY!!! 

Other than that…I’m a little confused.  I thought my CA 125 was a 4 and I got a call today from MD Anderson and they said it is a 4.7 which to me is closer to a 5.  I get awfully jumpy went it starts to rise.  But I have a pet-scan next Monday and I hope that nothing appears.  Nothing….not even the smallest dot.  After talking with Dr. Bevers I get the impression it would probably return sooner than last time…which puts us around next January or so.  I pray not sooner or better yet..not at all.  Also next month I have the breast MRI due to being BRCA 2 positive.  If I had known all of this 4 yrs ago….I would not have any female parts and no ta-ta’s.  It’s not worth it.  Keep prayers coming!


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