The Tube Ride!!!!

I Hate it…I Hate it! But I endured the ride through the ultimate “brown panty” adventure.  The horrid pet-scan!  Better known as nuclear wipe out.  I can thank my wonderful team at St. Luke’s pet imagining for making my morning as uneventful as possible.  Dawn, Leo, Danny, and Eugene.  Thank you.  Dawn always makes sure that my schnoz is as far from the roof as she can get it.  They played country music today…which relaxed me more… especially when George Strait is singing the last 3 minutes of the test.  Anyway…probably get results tomorrow.  And you know me I’ll be a nervous wreck until I do. 

Thank you to my daughter-in-law Michele.  My little computer whiz.  She set up all of our new computer equipment for us.  I would have probably blown the damn thing up.  If it is a 5G network….my brain works on 2 G’s.  Which means I have a instruction manual in one hand an a glass of wine in the other.  Adrienne at Verizon…you are a peach.  Thanks for putting up with 2 ole farts so early in the day.  I just got through with my pet-scan when we invaded Verizon and asked all the stupid questions that only us, 60 and over crowd can ask.  And no matter how well they explain it ….it’s still over our heads.  Not to mention I was starving from fasting.  Not a good combo for a woman just stuck in a tube the size of a sink pipe. 

Magoo had another tooth pulled last week.  Lani escorted his rear to the dentist while I accompanied Bill’s posterior to the doctor to get a ultra sound and check up.  The doctor wanted to make sure he didn’t have a blood clot in the right leg where they took out a vein for the surgery.  And the horses had their pedicures done by our wonderful farrier Trini.  Good Lord will’in and the creek don’t rise ….we will make it another week.

The ovarian cancer research fund has really taken off.  Thank you to all that have given and to all that have taken envelopes to give.  Every dollar counts to find a cure for the “silent killer”.  If you need a donation form please contact me through this website and I will mail you whatever you need.  I can feel the love and so will many others by the time we are through. 

Pray for all who need a lift.  Know that you are not alone and you have many friends through this website who love and pray for you each day.  BIG HUGS!!!!


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